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F10 Shortcut Key won't work in Avadon 3 Warborn

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Hi,Every other key works in the game-just not this one -what gives? Tried on 2 machines with 2 separate keyboards. Also tried it with Avernum 2:CS and it didn't work on that game either. Never noticed before on that game because there were only 4 quickslots....

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The keyboard support in SW games often has certain quirks. I don't know if anyone here could tell you why you're having this particular issue in this particular game; you might have to email Spiderweb directly if you really wanted an answer.

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Thanks-Jeff mentioned this is peculiar, and would be checked on "next patch". I just use f2 instead. I'm just curious if anyone else out there has ever tested the f10 key or is it just me.

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