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Intelligence vs Magical Damage

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So which is better?


+2 intelligence vs +8% magical damage


Which increases damage more?


For example, I was deciding between which item to let my sorcerer wear.


Ring of Lovelorn

+4% armor,

+2 intelligience


Wizard Loop

+5% armor

+8% magical damage


Which is better for damage and how is it calculated?


+1 intelligence means +1 level of damage.


What exactly does it mean by +1 level of damage?

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The short answer is that it depends on both what your stats are and what attack you're using: the higher your current intelligence and skills, the less an extra level of damage will do for you, while a percentage bonus will always increase your damage by the same percentage (although if you have more than one percentage bonus, they stack additively, not multiplicatively). So +2 Intelligence will probably be better for you early in the game, while +8% magical damage will be better for you later in the game.


Basically, to calculate the damage you do, the game rolls a bunch of imaginary dice and adds them to a base value. The size of the dice depends on what kind of attack you're using, while the number of dice rolled depends on your stats, skills, and equipment. This is what's meant by "levels of damage": it's the number of dice rolled. In general, for a magical attack, every point of Intelligence adds an extra die of damage, and every point in the relevant spell skill also adds an extra die.


I believe there's further information about damage calculations in the game's manual.

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Each weapon and spell has a damage level based upon the die.


For instance a dagger would do 1-3 points of damage per level. Swords would do 1-4 points/level.


See this topic for more examples for spells taken from Avalon 3.

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The manual, unfortunately, gets a few things wrong. Lilith's description and Randomizer's link are both accurate though.

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