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Problems with "The Worst of Them"

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The first few playthroughs I had trouble with this quest series and it continues. Maybe my party has the wrong companion combination to make it work. Maybe I'm mistaken or losing my mind. These are rebel hunts to be carried out as assigned by Commander Deniz in Green Refuge.


The first assignment is to hunt Alric in the Rotting Border. I have killed him every playthrough and no credit. Deniz acted like I hadn't completed the assignment. Frustrated, looking under the hood there was no flag set for success of the mission in the Alric code. I set the proper flag, reloaded and finished and went back to Green Refuge and the quest then went foreward to next assigning Ilse.


For Ilse in Kirik-Tor there were two problems, tag 51 never triggered so when I went upstairs there were no enemies except Ilse. A very short fight. Again no flag for success. After repair and reporting to Deniz I'm going to Monitor Base C next for Egmon The Reaver.


Looking in the file there, Egmon has no flag for success either.


Also, these flags are missing in 1.0 and 1.01 as far as I can tell.


:crazy:"The Corruption" has warped my success trying to complete "The Worst of Them" :crazy: .


Suggestions welcome.


PS Love the game!! Have been a Spiderweb fan for seemingly decades!

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This isn't a problem that has been reported before, and lots of people have played the game, so clearly the game has some way of setting those flags. So, a few necessary questions.


1) How are you killing them? (Anything unusual like damage floors, out of combat mode deaths, killing with a summon while you are far away, etc.)


2) Are you playing with any modifications to the game at all, however slight? (This includes any modifications that you may not think are relevant. I say this because you'd be surprised how often this comes up later, in threads like this.)

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