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Which Spiderweb games will run on a G4?


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Cheers friends.


I have been tempted to grab a G4 laptop off ebay since there's usually a bunch floating around, I'm a bit of a collector of computer stuff and honestly, I always wanted one.


Now, I'd like to be able to DO something on the system and playing old-school RPG's seems like a great option for a little hobby machine.


So assuming its updated to the last OS version available on powerPC, which Spiderweb games would play on it?

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One way or another you should still be able to play the Exile games and Blades whether the original version or an update.


The Avernum series, both trilogies, so games 1 to 6 worked on my G4.


All the Geneforge games, so 1 to 5.


Both Nethergate versions, original and resurrection.


From the website, Avadon and Avernum remakes won't work on less than OS 10.6.


Have fun.

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Good luck with FedEx. I had them throw a package under a bush and once just drop it off instead of knocking on the door when I was home all day.


Delivery services will claim that they delivered even if to the wrong address and their truck was parked facing the street sign that would have told them it was the wrong street.

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