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Geneforge translation

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I thick you could only do part of it. The texts for the zones is in the Scripts folder, but most of the remainder is in the hard coded game section.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Otherwise you will lose it trying to translate a game since you are looking at about 300,000 words. :)

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Would it be possible for me to translate a spiderweb software game into a foreign language?




Yes, this is possible, I have the translation of Avernum escape from the pit, to 80%, but took 3 years translating, you need a large group of people to help, or be as crazy as me.


You can translate the script, it is quite easy, the executable is complicated but I have extracted the texts, and I have inserted properly, there are a few texts that have a publisher use hexadecimal, but only about 10 sentences, I made a template.


The images also can be translated, but I have a problem with them, I do not handle well image editors and do not know how to correctly insert new letters to the sources, it is possible subtituir new letters by letters not used during the game but as I mention I do not handle well the editors and is not very good.


If anyone knows how to help appreciate your help.


The AScenData.dat file is the missing me to translate, but really, I do not understand its content, has repeated phrases and cut, senseless ... still have not inserted the phrases but I guess it does not have pointers and possibly can do only overwriting the original sentences.



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