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A2:CS Volume Adjusted MOD

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Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Volume Adjusted MOD


Do you have sensitive ears? Do you prefer to play your games with your loudspeakers turned way down for good reasons? Did you find - when playing in 'quiet sounds' mode, most of the environmental sound effects are inaudible, taking away atmosphere from this awesome game? Then this mod is just for you!


People with sensitive ears might have water cooled PCs, because they can't tolerate noisy computer fans and feel bothered by sharp, loud sounds in games. During weeks of gameplay I fine tuned the A2:CS sound-set, including "city arrival" FX, "dungeon remote noises", "crowd sounds in cities" and all kinds of too loud and sharp equipment & stuff sound effects in such a way that:

+ the harsh ones have been toned down and

+ the too quiet and inaudible sounds have been enhanced.

Now everything is balanced and you can hear and enjoy all Avernum 2's magnificent sound effects, when playing in your favorite "Quiet Mode" enhancing the atmosphere of this absolutely addictive RPG!


Recommended Sound Settings in-game:

+ Sound Volume: Quiet

+ Background sounds: On




+ New Arcane Blow sound effect: much better than the vanilla one and turned out to be surprisingly tolerable. Created from existing A2:CS sounds.

+ Audible environmental World & Dungeon Sounds in your favorite "Quiet Mode"

+ Separate 7ZIP for the new sound effect




If you only want the new Arcane Blow sound effect, then unpack Arcane_Blow_new_sound.7z into your "Avernum 2 Sounds" folder.



1. Backup your game folders named "Avernum 2 Sounds" and "Avernum 2 Graphics Core"

2. Unpack the "Avernum2CSVolumeAdjustedMOD.7z" into the "Avernum 2 Sounds" folder, overwriting the files, when asked.

3. If your eyes are sensitive too, but you find Potawan's graphics UI MOD too dark, you might wanna use this Slightly Darkened Main UI MOD: unpack Slightly_Darkened_Main_UI.7z into your "Avernum 2 Graphics Core" folder, overwriting the existing file.


Download links:












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I'm unlikely to try this but damn if I'm not impressed by your resourcefulness.

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You are wonderful, thank you!


I'm still working my way through A:EftP, but I imagine that once I move on to 2 I'll be very grateful for this mod. With 1, I have gone in and manually changed some of the .ogg files that I found too sharp (usually just by replacing them with copies of more acceptable sound effects from the same folder), so I suspect that we may well have very similar auditory issues. Having the environmental noises louder overall in comparison to the other sound effects is something that I've actually idly wished for on more than one occasion while playing this game. Thank you so much for putting in the work and generously sharing it here.

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