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Of summoning null bugs and other Avernum topics

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On the GOG version of Avernum 2, for some reason, summoning null bugs that I soul-captured earlier seems buggy. The silly bugs don't cast their anti-magic field at all, rendering them pretty much useless.

A shame, since I used them extensively in Exile 2/3/Blades against wizards and rakshasi. They even worked wonders on doomguards - caught under an anti-magic field, they wouldn't split.

So, is this normal or a bug in some of the A2 versions? I've seen a topic about "favorite captured souls", and people indeed mentioned null bugs.


On a related note, since I at long last ventured into that newer version of Exile - aka Avernum 1/2/3 -, I notice rakshasi are now considered normal beings. They were supposed to be demons in Exile, and Demonslayer worked well against them. Though I have the impression the Avernum non-demon ones have lower HP, which is a good counter-weight.


Still about rakshasi, they're a huge nuisance when playing with a single character, what with them summoning demons en masse and said demons slowing my only guy down. Worst part being the Empire outpost on the way to the Portal where you get an outside encounter with 2 rakshasi and 1 wizard and can end up with a dozen demons on your back...


Concerning Avernum 1, I found the new area, Lost Bahssikava, that was added in the Avernum version. On the other hand, weirdly, the Remote Temple from Exile 1, near Formello, disappeared entirely - probably the only case I've noticed in Exile/Avernum 1 and 2 -; sad, it was an interesting one, though unrelated to anything else in the game (as probably a third of all E1/A1 dungeons).


Surprisingly, Bahssikava also disappeared from Avernum 2 - though considering it would've been targetted by giants and Empire, I can see why they concealed themselves well.


Still, I didn't notice any new dungeon in Avernum 2, unlike Lost Bahssikava. Did I miss something? Should I expect a new area/dungeon in Avernum 3, or is it quite faithfully modelled on Exile 3?



Caligula, slowing making his way through Avernum series, choosing to check and play A1/2/3/Blades to see how these slightly more recent versions turn out, instead of going straight for Avernum 4. And who hopes one day to play Nethergate, Geneforge and Avadon - though doesn't expect to finish them before the next decade :D

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Avernum 2, second iteration of the series, not the 3rd one - therefore, I only used numbers, not specific titles, and posted in the "old version" forum.


Though I might have Avernum Escape from the Pit with some GOG bundle. But I'm not going to play it for the next 10-15 years, I suppose, if Avernum is any indication, compared to Exile :D

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Thanks :)


Well, I jus did a quick search about Avernum 2 and null bugs to see if anyone had such a problem, and found that topic about Capture Soul.

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