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I can't find any answers or even questions about this, and I can't see why. Did I miss something super-obvious?


Just outside Resting Cells #4, we are told that Abra and friend are going to go inside and wake up some Vahnatai, but they don't do it. At the control panel found inside, it's suggested that I shouldn't try to use the controls to wake them up myself. But meanwhile, I have received instructions (Top Half of Scroll and Bottom Half of Scroll) for using the controls correctly. I have, in fact, found two different sets of the scroll halves, from which I infer that it's really important that I find and have those instructions. But I don't get to use them! Trying to use any control at all fizzles.


Is this a glitch? A red herring? A Communist plot?

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The scrolls go to the control panel in the area that you found them as you go down the Dark River. Trying to use them in Resting Cell #4 cause the fizzles because they aren't the right instructions for that panel.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Things will be so much clear or was that obscure? :)

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