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I was replaying Avernum 3 and found a couple of Bitter Loss scrolls. I usually preemptively ditch these things after identifying them because they are cursed items, but for some reason I looked at the item description. It says "Changes Experience when used, Makes user very ill, adds 10 skill points"


The 'Adds 10 skill points' caught my attention, so I used the scroll. Lo and behold, I gained ten skill points. Unfortunately I lost 3000 XP, and became severely poisoned and acidified, but late in the game this wouldn't really matter.

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Wait.. what? What? *perks up in the chair*


I never noticed that, actually. I had a weird tendency of gathering all sorts of malevolent items like Searing Balms and Poison Elixirs, even these scrolls, but the descriptions just slipped past my attention. I haven't played Avernum 3 in a long time; thus I wonder if the XP loss drains levels?


For example, if you have level 50 character who has 2999 XP accumulated towards the next level, does the -3000 XP drain a level, resulting the character gaining +10 Skill Points but winding up being level 49?


EDIT: Yep, at end-game consuming even five Searing Balms didn't affect my parties' characters in the slightest... :p And even if one is unfortunate enough to have characters with low endurance, there's nothing that Divine Restoration wouldn't fix.

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