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Question about getting Magi/Crown Clearance

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Yes. And yes. Getting clearance is based on reputation...which is based mostly on quests completed. :D Once you have high enough reputation thanks to completing quests, you'll talk to someone (Gilda at the Castle, IIRC) and she'll give it to you. :D I think someone tried to check and found that Crown Clearance required 40 rep. I don't recall if anyone identified the Magi Clearance threshhold, but I believe it was a good bit lower.


I hope that helps!

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Jeff kept changing the reputation levels. Those were the last values that worked for me. Magi started at 20 and got raised through out beta testing. Crown was harder to pin down because some quests in the middle raise the reputation more than one level.

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So, 25 and 40? Alright, thanks guys!


EDIT: Actually, since people are unsure whether Magi Clearance requires 22 or 25 Rep, when I get to Chapter 4 in my current "all spellcaster" game, I'll keep an eye on Reputation and try to go to the Castle when I have 22 or so. And if it is 22, well, I'll update you on that, alright?

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