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G2 - Broke the ending?


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So I think I broke whatever triggers the ending. I faction-hopped a bit, ending with the Takers.


I wiped out Barzahl, the Radiant College, the leadership at Gheth and Medab, and the Awakened labs.


I helped the Big 3 with their plans, but when Akkat used the Geneforge, I killed him, Easss, and then returned to Benari-Uss Shaping and killed Rhakkus (who apparently can run away quite quickly!). Then I killed Syros.


I returned to the loyalist encampment to see if any dialogue had changed -- the leader there acknowledged Barzahl was dead, but no dialogue changed for the drayk/drakon deaths. So I returned to the Geneforge and threw in the gloves. Then I went back to the loyalist leader again -- no change.


Do I need to go murder Zakary to get an ending?

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