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Za-Khazi Run - Wurm Pit, what do I do with the idol?

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I'm currently wandering around the Wurm Pit in ZKR (somewhere in Morog's territory), and I'm not sure what to do with the cursed idol my character stole...


Err, recap: I walked in, slew lots of respawning Ooz Serpents and eventually a tentacled slime-beast at the center, wandered around a bit, and found a bunch of totems. There was an idol among the totems, so of course I stole it, and got cursed. Now I can't leave the dungeon, and get badly poisoned whenever I try.


What else is there, let's see:

- A little cavern in the northwest full of pretty mushrooms, which don't seem to do much.

- A pool of water with odd tranquilizing properties.

- Another group of totems in the southeast, which make me uneasy when I get near them... Unless I drink from the aforementioned pool first. But they don't do anything unusual if I blunder around them while tranquilized.


I could put the idol back, but I kind of want to find out more about this creepy little dungeon. What's the deal with this place?


Edit: the trick is to walk out through the wall behind the second set of totems. D'oh! Still interested in how this dungeon figures into the rest of the scenario though, the atmosphere of the place could be right out of Clark Ashton Smith.

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It's been a long time since I played this. It's one of my favorite scenarios. There's a walkthrough in the hint book, which is available on Spidweb's site, but it's not linked anywhere. https://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/hints/blades.html


I don't remember clearly but I'm pretty sure the idol is a red herring. There's a lot of red herrings in ZKR.

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