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Avernum and Geneforge series

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Which ones in the series are your favorite and least favorite and why?


For avernum I know the third remake hasn't come out yet so if you say the old version of avernum 3 that's ok.


For me Avernum 2 is my favorite because to me it's the most complex since you have to make sure you have the right passes before you can go anywhere.


My least favorite is Avernum 6 not just because it's the end but because I have to keep starting over (due to being a perfectionist and wanting to get everything there is)


For Geneforge my favorite has to be 2 because you could still play both sides or one side and then clear your alligence with the sects, thus going on a killing spree and make the council very happy.


My least favorite is Geneforge 3, because I had a really hard time getting into the story of it and it seemed kind of not fully thought out, like it didn't connect with the others in the series


Any thoughts?

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Exile 3 was the first one that i got, and then bought the registered version for, so that one holds a special nostalgic place in me. avernum 3 gets the same number one status.

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Avernum Series (I've only played the newer 4-6)

Love: The easy mobility, large map world, limited options in singleton

Hate: Only one story line

Overall best: A4


Geneforge Series

Love: Multiple story lines

Hate: Limited inventory/no junk bag

Overall best: G2

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Avernum, I've only played the first remake, the third in the old trilogy and the sixth. Between the three, the third has been the best because you actually get to explore the surface rather than facing a premature ending where your party lives happily ever after. Plus, it feels so open-world that there's a large variety of enemies to kill, the towns feel like towns, and you can even murder them without a "but they kill you instead" dialogue to interrupt your rampage, in short, it's really large.


Worst in between the three, in my opinion would be the sixth, there's the blight and all, but it doesn't feel like there's an actual shortage of food since your characters don't get hungry despite traversing every inch of Avernum, but I've played that last three to four years, I doubt I remember much.


Geneforge, the best for me has been the fourth, don't ask me why, it just feels like it. I remember playing the demo before the Steam versions were released and I even made my own house by that uncle shaper guy and even desperately tried to bug the game so that it may open up a locked location. It just feels so cool to be some sort of rebel spy Star Wars thing.


The worst had been Geneforge 5, it feels so short to me, like WHY DID IT END ALL OF A SUDDEN, there were so many factions too, even the unexplored Letha province, and your past was still unclear.


Dear Jeff,


If you're thinking of remaking Geneforge 5, please unlock Letha province, I need more Geneforges



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I haven't actually played any of the Avernum games yet.


But in terms of Geneforge



I liked G4 the most. (although I liked the companions from 3 and felt that it was the most 'personal' story of the 5) I think it did a good job of showing the progression of the shaper-rebel war, and the player's actions can have a huge impact on the endings.


And G5 the least. Too short, no consequences for Canister use, unbalanced factions (Shaper factions introduced last, 'moderate' Shaper faction is actually a rebel faction, less shaper factions than rebel ones etc) Dropped plotlines about halfway through-you never get to uncover your past. Never get the chance to get revenge on Rawal in most of the endings, etc. It also seemed too short.

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