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(Query, Is anyone reading this?) A:EftP Lets play (Super Best Friends role-play) - chapter 6 released!!!

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Notice: now on Reddit: https://www.reddit.c...g_the_zaibatsu/

Edit: Now with permadeath! http://spiderwebforu...or-the-un-sane/


I've been hankerin for replaying this game and this way I can make it more interesting.


In this let's play I'll be making characters and decisions based on the popular youtube let's-players the "SuperBestFriends"@ https://www.youtube....ser/TheSw1tcher as such this will not be an optimal play-through and I'll be forced to optimize my characters in new ways; also I will be using the ReRemix mod by Akhari Blaze ,This will be my first time using his mod so it will also be new to me. For these reasons (and the fact I wont be doing many side quests) I'm playing on normal difficulty.


Note: The first two chapters are a little slow paced because I left in a lot of NPC dialogue in to help explain the games lore for newcomers.

Warning: If you are not familiar with the SuperBestFriends you will be confused at some points :p





Story: After finding contraband left by Liam in each of the best friends respective houses, the SBF's are sent down to SUPER AUSTRALIA from which none have ever returned! Though the best friends are used to such dank moist environments there is only one problem. Matt needs to feed his pets! poor Zach the cat & Jack the snake, can the bestfriends escape in time to save them?


Starting off with character creation: this would be the most accurate depiction of the SBF's I could come up with using the default images, this actually not too bad, but I think I could do a bit better.


There Much better:


Matt likes dressing in black and looking cool, I put Pat in the robes since that bald character had too dark a skin tone and it was bugging me, also I'm makin him the mage so the robe fits. Woolie could only be portrayed more accurately if he had his patented dreadlocks but reptiles don't have hair soooo....

Stat wise:

Matt: likes fire axes and knives, so he will make a good fighter with a few side points in knife throwing.

Pat isn't much of a wizard but some one needed to be, his love for broadswords will hold him back though

Woolie is a big guy and would make a great tank, he will be the most reliable fighter of the bunch

Liam is focused on utility support and thievery, but his inexperience holds him back


Without further ado we begin our journey


A dull thud echos through the cave as the Zaibatsu hit a new low, some say it was heard throughout all of Avernum, yet the Avernites had no Idea what was coming.


Que the intro theme!




Chapter 1: Tutorials - http://imgur.com/a/We4kH

Chapter 2: Welfare bumbling - http://imgur.com/a/mkHQ2

Chapter 3: Bug hunt - http://imgur.com/a/dg7hV

Chapter 4: Put another shroom on the barbie - http://imgur.com/a/I14aW

Chapter 5: Vanishing act - http://imgur.com/a/wTG0J

Chapter 6: nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna BAT CAVE! - http://imgur.com/a/FWFxZ

Chapter 7: "Cave lore doesn't cover dragons" - coming soon...

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Let's Plays are totally fine. There are some others around here (user Chessrook44 has done quite a few of them so far and is currently going through Avernum 4; I don't think he's done this game yet). Have fun! :D

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The final bump? Chapter 6 is out but I'm not sure if anyone here is reading this... which is fine, never was doing this for attention anyway; but I've started a Reddit post for this that seems to get more hits than here. If nobody replies to this I'm just going to update the Reddit from now on. The link to the Reddit post will be on the top of the OP anyway.

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Well, you can keep an eye on how many times the topic has been viewed. It's 570 as of now.

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