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A4 / A5 - Enhanced Interface

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Enhanced Interface

for Avernum 4 and Avernum 5

v0.9 -2015

Windows version

(Mac untested)









Several graphic files in .BMP format to replace the original interface with the new

icons introduced in Avernum 6. Also features mild color tweaks to

unify colors throughout the interface (especially for A5).


A4 before:



A4 after:



A5 before:



A5 after:








A backup folder for each game is provided, they contain the original graphic files

in order to revert back to original interface, if you happen to dislike the new one.


To install, unzip the compressed file, and replace your current "data" folder

with the new "data" folder you unzipped, say yes when prompted for overwrite.

If you have the steam version, the default location of your game should be

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Avernum 5\Data)


This installation will NOT interfere in anyway with your game saves.







Credits go to:

Spiderweb company for creating and keeping their games open to modifications.

Ben Resnick for the new iconset introduced in Avernum 6.

Me for tweaking stuffs and pixelwork resizing.







Since I'm quite new to the Avernum world, I have troubles "translating" some of the

magical effects icons used by avernum second trilogy, the manual does have a chart

to list magical effects but it is incomplete. So I need intel from experienced players

knowing second trilogy enough to help me identify the missing pieces and,

later, confirm that I set the right matches.


In this image below, the first colum shows the icons I'm unsure about

how they translate from A-4, A-5 to A6, the second column shows icons

I know nothing about, what they mean or when they are triggered ingame:



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Question mark is dumbfounded


Thanks, as far as I know this dumbfounded effect does not exist in A-EFTP, am I right ?


Dripping teeth is poison


Actually, I already identified poison (and acid) in the magical effects list, that's why this dripping teeth is bothering me :confused:



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The key is presumably Enlightened status. It's not listed but if A5 had Death Curses it probably also had Enlightened. (Man, it's been a while...)


The others might not be used, especially if the icons had been around for a while, or might be related to effects that didn't make the list, likely because they were new. Battle Discipline related effects? Battle Fury for the wolf head? Was there a fatigue icon? I don't remember one but that could have been the arm.

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Okay, enlightened, sanctuary, possibilities noted, thanks.


Unused icons from the first trilogy.. Well, you might be right, Slartibus, in this case, I'll probably leave these icons in place until someone stumble over them ingame and send feedback. Alright, I'm moving to A6, install and modify, after that I'll be able to upoad the new graphic assets for A4, A5 and A6. (Edit: damn, many modifications I did were already done for A6 interface, I should have checked this one before initiating the import :rolleyes:)


Oh and before I upload these files here, I hope that these assets aren't problematic regarding copyright status. I'm assuming that spiderweb legally owns the full assets for all its games and is not bond with any graphician that could share ownership of some of the graphic files, in any case if a moderator/admin/developer does not want me to upload these modifications, I'd be ok with it.

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