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Damage Calculation Utility & Results

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Damage Calculation Utility for A2:CS


I've put together a google doc spreadsheet that accounts for most known impact on damage and let's you calculate, roughly but pretty well, the damage you'll deal (before armor/resistance) under various conditions, with different builds. I've linked to a public but view-only version; you can freely make a copy and then mess around with that, so people aren't trying to edit at the same time.




Basically, just edit the highlighted boxes; it will auto-calculate a lot of stuff related to weapon stats, auto-distributed stat points, etc.






Here are some comparative results I put together. This uses mid-to-late game stats, including equipment effects, but not equipment (or spell levels) found only in the toughest dungeons.


These do assume all or most stat boosts and traits have gone in the relevant stat. If you invest more in Endurance, the losses are pretty proportional all around.


The number after the slash is with the appropriate Cloak spell active (L3 for easily available missile, L2 for less available melee/magic cloaks), since that is a whole-party decision and pretty separate.



Simple weapons investment (8+2)


465/577 2H Slith Bloodspear

490/601 SW Flaming Sword

603/784 DW Flaming Sword / Assassin's Falchion


343/464 Yew Longbow

342/462 Crude Javelin

382/516 Steel Javelin



More weapons investment (8+2, BM/SS)


599/712 2H Slith Bloodspear

623/733 SW Flaming Sword

820/1001 DW Flaming Sword / Assassin's Falchion


459/580 Yew Longbow

457/578 Crude Javelin

511/645 Steel Javelin



Full ranged investment (8+2, SS, LB)


528/679 Yew Longbow

539/681 Crude Javelin

603/761 Steel Javelin



Crazy melee investment (8+2, BM, QA, LB and/or DW)


697/827 2H Slith Bloodspear (/871 Slith)

730/859 SW Flaming Sword

1070/1281 DW Flaming Sword / Assassin's Falchion



Standard magic investment (14 or 16, 10+3 SC)


323/376 Bolt of Fire L2 (1)

321/454 Smite L2 (4)


305/355 Call the Storm L2 (8)

393/459 Icy Rain L2 (10)


481/561 Lightning Spray L2 (10)

586/684 Arcane Blow L2 (40)


573/668 Divine Retribution L2 (40)


622/725 Fireblast L2 (30)

754/879 Fireblast L3 (30)

528/615 Divine Fire L2 (30)

640/747 Divine Fire L3 (30)

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I've updated the google doc to reflect new theories about critical hits and luck. This should have a uniform impact on the results, for the most part, but you can check out the new numbers yourself. (You'll need to make a new copy, of course.)

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