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I recently started a new torment singleton playthrough after finishing A:EftP that way and am having a lot of trouble with the low survivability of my character (still in Chapter 1). I've tried raising both armor (through wearing armor, hardiness and parry) as well as Endurance, but it seems that even at 50-60% armor, enemies largely ignore it. Minibosses can 1-2 shot me, so I have to heal almost every turn. I'm not sure if it's even possible to get decent damage mitigation even with the best armor sets. I don't recall A:EftP being quite as difficult on Torment, so I'm curious if any of the beta testers managed to run a singleton all the way or most of the way through the game. What stats/skills/traits did you focus on first?


I'm happy to report, however, that a singleton can do quite well on Hard difficulty. The difference is literally night and day. Do you guys know what the armor/resistance penalties are for Hard and Torment in A2:CS?

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Torment still has a 30-36% hidden armor penalty. It doesn't show up in the character screen for armor and resistance, but it shows in the penetration and total damage text box messages.


I've tried a torment singleton, but never finished because Jeff changed combat a few times during beta testing that eliminated a few game exploits. I've had endurance about half of the primary attack attribute, intelligence. This time I skipped weapons and their skills until the middle of the game and concentrated on mage and priest for attacks.


This game can kill the entire party before you make it down in Fort Garnick let alone the main ambush. Get used to dying a lot while you find a working tactic. I know in A:EftP I relied upon parry, but this game has more spell attacks that avoid parry. Jeff seems to really like lightning attack with it's lingering status sucking off health.


The best thing you can do is get a summon shade priest spell as soon as possible because it can survive a long time in the early game. Otherwise at the start daze and haste are your friends to be later replaced by potions of speed and invulnerability. Making potions is more important in this game than the previous ones. The mage spell blink helps later on especially in outside encounters to move away from swarms and in a few scripted fights.

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