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The walk through makes it sound so easy. (starting Goagh-Nar) "Kill the sprites, and repeat twice Then go up the stairs and claim Fomorslayer" There's two set of stairs and can't find it. As usual, probably a simple thing that I missed??

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The stairs are to the south of the map's center. You circle counterclockwise along the stairs and it's in the last room. I think you have to stand in a certain place and/or click on something in the room's center.

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"UNDER GOAGH-NAR 2: It's probably best to take Bendbones out. Go

unlock the door, and kill him. Then pillage his chest. Don't go up

the stairs yet, instead go to the east and search for a secret passage

N. Kill the sprites, then go to the room. Search for secret passages,

light the fire, kill the sprites, and repeat twice. Then go up the

stairs, and claim Fomorslayer. It does extra damage against Fomorians."

Here the stairs are stairs that lead up to a place with a different height but are still in the same dungeon. They are not stairs that go between one level of Goagh Nar and another.

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