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G5: Thistlewood Bandits Not Appearing?

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(Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place).


I've recently decided to play through Geneforge 5 again (starting from an old save file), and I've come across a small problem that I hope someone can help me with - the bandits in Thistlewood are just not appearing. From memory, they come to fight you when you're in their camp, right?


I've found their camp, I've gotten the cannister at the end, I've read the letter from Bennhold (in fact I have now gone on to kill Bennhold) but these bandits are just not coming to fight me. I don't know what to do because I can't complete the quest from Illayara now - meaning she won't give me the quest to kill Bennhold meaning I can't complete that either (even though he's already been vanquished).


I've come way to far in the game to load from another save file and start again - and I can't guarantee my other save files from this same play-through are from before I found the bandit hideout anyway.


I may or may not have used cheats in the beginning, it's an old save file so I can't be sure, but if I did it would have only been the XP and money cheats. And I've only found the hideout recently (yesterday) so the cheats definitely were used before I found it, if I used any. (The save file is called NoCheats, but I don't think I trust my past-self).


I may have stuffed up killing Bennhold before these guys appeared but at the time I didn't really realise I had a problem - I only just got the quest from Illayara (I had forgotten to tell Herzen in Haria-Kel about Bennhold, I was "cleaning up my quests" and told him, and then I was able to get the quest from Illayara).


Anyway, TIA if any of you can help.

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I think this is a series of stuff done flags where you need the information at the start of the quests in Murkwood. Then in Thistlewood you have to follow a Roaming Servile back to the camp without scaring him off by being too close. When you explore the camp, the bandits return.


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I just checked Murkwood, I've already cleared the area. I did read a letter from Baston, but seeing as I've finished the whole "assassin" line of quests from Astoria I'm assuming I've already used that information?


I've already followed the Roaming Servile back to the camp, I've explored the camp, no bandits are coming. I'm confused. :/


Would I have been able to find the camp without the information from Murkwood? (I'm assuming the information is somebody telling me where it is, or something).

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Maybe a bit late but iirc, there was a note in the bandits storage that they do not want you to access when you "persuade" them to find the assassins within the camp. The note is what triggers the servile in the area. After this just explore where the servile roams into his hidden entrance and then leave and come back to the zone. Just keep your distance and a text will appear saying you've found a secret entrance and some stuff

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