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Ok. I have the use of the Blessing Pool as a reward. The cheat sheet says it makes weapons blessed. My characters have blessed weapons or a specialty weapon (Whacks Romans extra for example). The reward language specified it is for the weapon only, so I assume I can't dip my cloak in it & get something I would find more useful now.

Does dipping the blessed weapon improve it? Does dipping a Specialty weapon improve it? If no to the two I think I'll get a non blessed weapon, dip & get some cash for other character improvements.


(When I remember the password for the other account, I'll use it.)

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Have you just saved your game and then tried it? :)


I know there were some differences (e.g. no potion exploit) with the pool between original N and N:R, so specifying that might help your chances of getting an answer, but really, this seems like a relatively easy thing to test on your own. Just go the pool, save the game, and try different items.


I *think* in N:R you could only drop regular pieces of armor or regular weapons in the pool, and then they would become the "Blessed" version of that item, but that's a pretty vague memory and could easily be wrong. I'll be curious to hear your results.

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