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A6 - Blessed Athame Quest HELP

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Before anyone asks, I did read the other threads on this subject.

  • I am at Fort Saffron
  • I spoke to Commander Melo about my mission and he said something about opening the gate upstairs
  • Read all the threads but I did reach the cells with the switch, but they are all closed

What am I missing :( still looking for the Blessed Athame.


NOTE: I have the official Avernum VI Book of Answers but it is no help. States to go "downstairs" after talking to Commander Melo.

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You need to go to the southeast corner and continue east into the next area to fight. There is a need to go up and down opening gates to reach new areas.


The Blessed Athame is on a body that you eventually find.


By "southeast corner" do you mean inside Fort Saffron or outside (north or south) :confused:


Is there a location on the World Map?

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