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Tormented singleton, help required [Spoilers]

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After many years, I noticed that the game is still on my hard drive. I decided to began the adventure once again, now with only single adventurer.

The beginning was more difficult than in A3, because the less amount of enemies in the outdoors, not to mention the Altered beast..


I chose to use a Slithezkai, with Natural mage and Elite warrior.


I am at level 16 at the moment. I have cleared the school, and not far away from clearing the places below the school. (Not including waste depositary). The only problems that I have had, were the Alien Beasts, the mage/rogue warrior at the small dungeon and the Vampire which I have not yet beaten..


HP 87

MP 57

Rune reading 7


Strength 8

Dexterity 5

Intelligence 6

Endurance 8


Hardiness 1

Defence 2


Mage spells 8

Priest spells 5

Arcane lore 6

Potion making 1


Tool use 2

Nature lore 2

First aid 1


But the problems have been since the start.. First, I forgot to add enough Mage spells, to get unlock doors. I temp-fixed it with strength, yet there are a few doors that I could not open.

The other problem is rune reading. There has been many places, where I didn't enough rune reading skill. And at the moment, I can't invest any skill points, because I need to spare them for Mage spells (Simulacurum, and capture soul).

Is there any great spells on the first scenario, that I might miss if I do not get them? Do you think, that re-visiting a scenario is abusing game mechanics?


-Puksis, after a long break.

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Some spells overlap between scenarios so you may get them in the next one if you miss it in one of them.


I found the hardest door to unlock lead to rubble.


For Aliens Beasts I retreated and buffed starting with haste and then overlap spells that take multiple targets.

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Yeah, you'll be able to get the spells in another scenario for sure.


After you finish VoDT, you should take a look at some third-party scenarios. There are some that will suit your level perfectly, and you'll be able to grind a few more levels out.

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Got trough the first scenario, on level 17. After gotten the simulacrum, things have gotten a bit easier :)

The rebellion was defeated on level 24.


Any suggestions for a user-made scenario? I am looking for one that is made for level 20 parties, and it should be longish too :)

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