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The Noob-wiki Quest


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Dear Geneforge people


I am the noobiest of the noobs, I actively suck at this game, but it has still endeared itself to me.

That said, I have never played any of the other Geneforge games, only Genforge 5.


Since I suck so badly at it I felt I needed to look certain things up, such as how to manage my Living Tools.

BUT this forum, while resourceful, is a little unorganized and quite frankly intimidating in its sheer vastness.

So I googled the wiki.

I was very disappointed, there was almost nothing on there and especially nothing useful.


Since I am a passionate wiki editor until I get bored of the fandom I have tried making some additions to it.

However, since I am the Noobmaster, I have had very little to contribute to it and especially nothing relating to strategy and the likes.


I have imposed a central structure on the Area sites but have no idea what structure to use for the creations, people, spells, etc.


Maybe there is someone out there who wants to help improve the wiki so the acolytes of the Noobmaster have a place to gather?


EDIT: Of course I mean this wiki, http://geneforge.wikia.com/wiki/Geneforge_Wiki

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The Strategy Central pages for each game (sticky-ed at the top of of the forum) have organized lists of links to all sorts of information on each game. Some of the games also have FAQ/walkthroughs. Perhaps you can find answers there? If not, and you have specific questions, you could ask here and I'm sure people would be happy to assist, either by directly answering or pointing you to a particular thread that would help.


I don't wish to be a wet blanket, but I highly doubt a wiki is going get anywhere. There have been multiple attempts to get Geneforge wikis going before, and they never really gained much traction.

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I believe what you say about the wikis never gaining ground in the past but I think what was lacking was structure.

We are inherently lazy so if we have to make a new page to fill in some information we aren't going to do it.

But if the template for the info is already there and we only have to write some text into the right section then we are more likely to do it.


That is what I am trying to do: create a basis for the wiki that encourages filling in the blanks.

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Everything can be found somewhere on the internet, yet the original wikipedia still exists because it offers the information in a sorted and organized way.

I am a friend of organizing information, it certainly makes university much easier to have all the relevant information to one topic easily accessible in one place and well-sorted.

A forum is fine for what it is but a wiki is something alltogether different, to say it is just a duplication would be incorrect, in my opinion, as it offers something the forum cannot possibly provide due to its nature; structure.

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The search function on these forums is hit-and-miss at best; a wiki would be useful. It's an enormous task, though, which is probably why it never went anywhere. By all means, take it on if you want to, Notpointed. You've already noticed that you won't get a lot of encouragement, but if you've got the sheer bloody-mindedness to make significant progress, who knows? Others might join in.


Good luck.

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