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New Market City (Utility)

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Author: Milu





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Keywords: Humor Scenario, Short Scenario

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I do feel it needs things to fight other than training golems, though, if only to test equipment against foes. Perhaps in the next version the player should be able to fight (for cash, of course) in the arena.


GOOD (7.5)

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The Almighty Doer of Stuff


I never rated this? Whoops.



New Market City is by far the best high-level party maker we have, from a player's perspective. It allows you to create a party of whatever level you need, train it, and equip it with spells, alchemy, and an enormous variety of items of all types, including many expensive "artifacts" and a few novelty shops.


Better still, you can go into this scenario between scenarios, skip the party-building, and just shop.


In addition, the characters, though very simple, are often charming. There's also a pit where you can gamble on which monster will kill the other.


The only thing it really needs, as Miramor said, is a party-testing arena.


Definitely recommended.


BEST (9.0)

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