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Seasons of Destiny

Methinks I found a bug in Magus of Cattalon

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So, here I am, casually strutting along deep within the Giants' Vale, murderlizing everything in sight with my shiny not-so-new Sword of Sharpness, when I come across a dead giant's corpse in the northeast corner of the vale. My adventurer senses kicked in, and I looted the poor guy. Turns out he wasn't poor, and had a bag with 365 coins on him, which I promptly grabbed. I tried to go deeper into the thicket of trees to look for more potential treasure, but failed. On my way out of the thicket, I stumble upon the same dead giant.


So, the strangest thing happened. Instead of just leaving the now penniless dead giant alone, I instead went through the whole process of searching him again, and came up with another bag of 365 coins...


Eventually, the message window was filled with "You have found 365 coins."


Was this intentional, or did Smoo forget to add a SDF at the end of that encounter?

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Open the scenario in an editor and check the area concerned. Then read the script involved, it should not take long.


Yes, there is a glitch, the If clause uses a different SDF to the Set_flag clause, hence the state will never shut down.


beginstate 15;

if (get_flag(111,3) == 0) {


(dialog and give money here)





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