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Akhari Blaze

A:EftP - Avernum ReRemix & Graphics Mod

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A:EFTP did not have a disk.  A1 did have a CD.  Those are two different games.  And you can download all of them from Spiderweb now.



Are you sure you bought A:EFTP?  Between your reluctance to just get a re-download from Spiderweb, and your insistence that you had it on a disk, it kind of sounds like you actually bought A1...

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I was given one when i bought the game. No this was the EFTP remake, it even had the artwork of it on the cover.

I don't know why i got one if they don't ship these?

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1 hour ago, AWOL Instant Messanger said:

A:EFTP did not have a disk.



As it happens, the game did actually have a CD, although it wasn't really well advertised. I have one! Back when the game was first released, there was an option to also have the game sent on CD for a small extra cost. I imagine that's what you have, TJ Hedgescout.


The CD was sent entirely as an extra, though. The original registration process still happened if you ordered a CD. That means that you still registered in the normal way, TJ Hedgescout, and were sent a registration code. It might be worth checking your emails to see if you can find one sent from Spiderweb at around that time. It should contain your registration key. That should allow you to download a new copy from Spiderweb's website and register it again.


If you can't find that then, as Lilith suggested, you should try emailing support@spiderwebsoftware.com. Give them as much information as you can remember, and they should be able to sort you out. They're very good.


There's even a special page for this if you'd be happier not emailing!



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