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BoE on 10.7+


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I made a few changes to an old version of the BoE source (r2, sorry!) just so that people could actually play BoE in some form if they're running Mountain Lion or Lion.


First off, the bad stuff:

i) I haven't tested it much - only the first town / outdoor section of the spiderweb scenarios

ii) There are a couple of redrawing bugs on the main menu

iii) (possibly bad) It *should* read both old mac and windows save files. It will always save as a windows-style save file, but I haven't checked that they actually work on windows yet. They *should* do.

iv) You can get the diff with svn revision 2 here (on the bad stuff list due to messiness).

v) no character / scenario editor


Good stuff:

i) download it here


Please test it!


I suspect there will be broken things, complain and I'll try to fix them. There's probably some stuff wrong with the code changes as well, I'll try to fix that too


Sorry about not taking a more sensible revision's code, this is just meant as a replacement placeholder for the version currently in the forum header.

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