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Blades of Avernum Edited Characters

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Well those stock characters(not edited Characters)this not very good right? well try those characters I edited


Please follow this instructions before downloading or else this is not my fault


1. go to http://www.mediafire.com/?yte8thncn4pm289

2. download it

3. open it

4. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Blades of Avernum\Data\Art Graphics

*if netbook go to C:\Program Files\Blades of Avernum\Data\Art Graphics

5. backup your whole art graphics (if you want)

6. unzip it

7. launch Blades of Avernum

8. enjoy

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Spigelbrecher has put several graphics into a file that, if you follow the instructions in his post, will replace the default graphics for four PCs. The graphics will only work on Windows computers, unfortunately.


Even more unfortunate, though, is the fact that those graphics/edits seem to be the work of other people: I'm pretty sure that the sniper is by Necris Omega, for instance, and it hasn't been edited at all (it appears in Echoes: Renegade, amongst other places). Next time, please be sure to give proper credit where it is due.

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Anyone want my Spiegelbrecher PC?


Please go to www.speedofy21.webs.com

I am sure that this new arrived Spiegelbrecher will like it


PS: I have returned to Spiderweb

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