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Orakio Rob

Geneforge Saga Hint Book

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Hi. I'm a new Geneforge addict, and it's nice to meet you all!


I had never heard about Vogel's games before. Then, GOG released the Geneforge series, and it looked very interesting. I've bought it, and here I am now, totally addicted to the first Geneforge game. That's my story ^_^


Well, the game is so great that I'm considering buying the CD and the hint book from Spiderweb store. The thing is, I would love to know what the Geneforge Saga Hint Book looks like. Does it have any illustrations on it? Maps? Tables? It would be great if anyone could post pictures of it, but just answering to these questions will certainly help.



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This was the first time I looked at mine since most information can be found in the links in the forum header.


The Hint Book gives a walkthrough of the main quests to complete the game. It gives hints for minor side quests and the general locations of items that will be useful. It does provide annotated maps of most of the zones to help you understand how to go through the major areas. There is also a world map.


Each zone has a brief description of what to do, quests, and items of note that you should find. These items are usually very useful to fulfill quests or make it easier to get through areas. Like spore batons to disarm some mines.


At the end is important lists: spells, zones that contain important item locations, and cheat codes.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It will help you to understand completely opposite advice on what to do. smile

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Thanks, Randomizer! Seems like the hint book is quite interesting!


I plan on beating the game without any hints first; then I'll read the book to see what I missed. Maybe I'll replay the game later, but I'll probably head to Geneforge 2 when I beat the first one.


Also, having maps and lists is nice, even though I probably won't use them. It's kind of cool having a good reference book for a game you like!


Thanks a lot for your description!

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