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Helping your freinds: Nathalie Walkthrough

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Hmmmmm where did Nathalie go?

is she in the tawon empire?

so go to her room and see a note for you

now go to the duke's castle go to exit zone go to the Bezzara Pits or whatever you call it go to where you fought Zhossa Mindtaker and The Trail of the drake is now open for you. Now go to that map and don't go to her tower unless Nathalie's there or else you get lost in the stair forever so back to the topic back out go west,north then fight your way there

go to south,west,east again fight then go to south,west then a couple of ambushes then found Nathalie but Natalie was ambushed again by wretches after the battle she joins with you back to the tower the tower is abandoned looks like it's preety creepy start going downstairs a few stairs then Nathalie will break the wall kill the lost souls there find a trapdoor and go there then you will see an obelisk just follow the instructions and there a concealed wall there and go to the trapdoor kill everyone you meet there then go into one of the trapdoor I'm not sure which one

then you got the trapdoor then go down at the end of the corridor an undead will ambush you first kill the golems and kill the undead after killing the undead. go back to the hallway and you see Zhossa a few hours of battle and Victory!

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