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Moritz'Kri's Tower disappeared

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I'm at an impasse with the iPad version. I got to the point where the tower appeared on the world map. Then, before going there, I went to another region. When I went back to the world map, the tower icon no longer appeared. I've gone back to earlier saves and worked back to when it should appear, but it doesn't. I've also done the quit, load save, backtoavadon routine with no success.


Advice? I've already reinstalled the game and restarted from scratch once due to the doors that won't open issue. I don't want to do that again now that I'm this deeply in.

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Try going back to Ogrhym-Tor and see if something can be redone there. Otherwise, I recommend e-mailing Jeff directly with the details of your problem.

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Sorry, just checking, did you see this message when you passed through the wizard's gate in the Dhorla woods?


The wizard Moritz'Kri has left the gate to his tower guarded, but open. As you step through, you feel tiny wisps constantly brushing against your cheeks and arms. Invisible presences surround you. You have little doubt that Moritz'Kri is aware of your every move.

And yet, he is allowing you into his tower. Instead of hiding from a confrontation with Avadon, he welcomes it. Everything screams that this is one enormous trap. And yet, Redbeard's orders were clear.

The wizard must come with you to Avadon, or die.

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