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A few questions - and one PC play

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Hi all. After a long break I began to play this wonderful game again, this time as a Celt singleton. I've just cleaned Goagh-nar. Only Vale of the Sould and Jagged Aerie left to explore except the main quest areas. Thanks to the Stone Guardian spell I managed to beat Titus twice along with the Ifrit in the second. I forced it to serve me. Here are a few questions:

1) I can't find sylak key 6. I remember I must have found it so far, but couldn't. Where was it?

2) Are there any consequences for forcing the Ifrit to serve me? Like gaining evil points, etc?

3) Can somebody tell exactly where and what the good and evil reputation rewards were?

4) Where/How was I able to learn the spell Soul Lance?

That's all for now. Thanks


EDIT: I still have Hollow Hills and Castle Aethdoc to explore. I think the answers of my first and fourth question are there.

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You will find the answers to 1 and 4 here.


2. No bad consequences.


3. Locations: The evil reward area is near Vanarium, beyond some totems in an indentation in the west wall. The good reward can be found in the Lands of the Fae, in a blind valley just northeast of Castle Aethdoc. Both give each character an extra point to the four base stats (strength etc.)

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Thanks! By the way how am I supposed to get the Bone Key from the pedestal in the Crone Caverns without getting teleported to Basilisk's chamber and losing the key? (Since I only have one player character, the fight/end glitch won't work for me.)


EDIT: OK. I solved this too.

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