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I was just wondering if any of the beta testers tried playing the game solo. Is it viable in Avadon - if not on Torment, then Normal difficulty?

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I have played through on torment solo as a sorceress and a shadowwalker all the way through. There are a few fights that you can't do by yourself, but they are all optional. I'm trying now as a blademaster to see if I can get a few more of them done.


It's a lot easier on normal difficulty since you take less damage.


You should play through once with a full party to see where everything is and see the quests. You have to do some optional side quests later in the game as a solo character and for a few you need the right equipment to get past obstacles that you could do with a full party.


The key is increasing dexterity from the start to evade damage. You can't avoid it, but damage reduction is needed because you can't one shot later monsters. After you get dexterity above 12 you need some endurance to deal with acid, poison, and cold attacks which aren't evaded by dexterity.

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