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Dispatching Rahul (but not as a rebel!)

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Hello again! It's been a little while. You guys were very helpful when I was stuck at the end of Geneforge 2, and now I'm a bit stuck at the end of Geneforge 3.


I think I may have gone down a path that wasn't really intended, since I've been getting some odd responses. I played as such a nice guy in the first two games, I was trying to be a bit nasty in this one. I wanted to play an Agent who starts to lose it after too much canister use. Here's a rundown of the game so far:


-Loyalist up to Gull Isle

-Instead of freeing Agatha, saw her as a "threat" and eliminated her and the other prisoners

-Khyryk turned hostile after this, so I dealt with him as well

-Figured I might as well complete the quest to kill him at Stonespire even though I never intended to help the rebels

-Once they'd given up the keys, purged the city for questioning Shaper authority (even after this, the rebels on the Isle of Spears still thought I was on their side)

-Destroyed just about everything on the final island fighting my way to the Geneforge, and then destroyed it

-Returned to Lord Rahul


That's where it gets weird. The only way to tell Rahul about the Geneforge is first to deal with the topic of Khyryk. If Khyryk is dead, you can only either lie about what happened or tell the truth, both of which result in Rahul and everyone in the keep turning hostile. You can actually continue the conversation after this point, but since all the responses sound as if he's suddenly forgotten he ordered you killed, I thought this was a bug and exited the conversation.


In any case, I've defeated everyone in the keep and everyone outside during the escape, but I can't take down Rahul. He simply regenerates. Is this to prevent you from killing an NPC that is required to complete the game? Have I broken the game by being an enemy of the rebels as well as the loyalists? Should I leave and go somewhere else? Or am I just missing something?




EDIT: Oh, silly me. I think the boat Rahul talks about if you mention destroying the Geneforge appears whether you choose that conversation option or not. I guess the question now is just...is there any way to finish him off before I go or should I just head back to Terrestia?

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How weird...so...by killing Khyryk the game decided you were rebel, but then you still were able to destroy the Geneforge and Akhari Blaze? Well, you've definitely gone beyond anything you were intended to be able to do... I'd be curious to know if you even CAN return to Terrestia, and which side the ending will put you on. Please report on that.


If Rahul is regenerating, then you probably can't kill him.


A very strange turn of events. I always thought whether or not one killed Khyryk before leaving for the Isle of Spears irrevocably set one as Rebel or Shaper.

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Well, I have completed the game. There's a Shaper boat waiting at the docks in Keep West Gate that I took back to Terrestia. The ending I got had a few unexpected parts.


It starts off by saying how satisfied and powerful I feel by being changed on the Ashen Isles, which sounds about right. And that if the Shapers don't understand what I've become, I'll make them.


When I arrive near Poryphra and see it burning, I change course and end up contacting the loyalists. They take me to their camp and I tell them about what's been going on. They seem pretty pleased by most of the story, except my killing Khyryk (I guess I didn't mention the part where I left Lord Rahul the sole survivor in Dhonal's Keep). For, I assume, a combination of Khyryk's murder and using so many canisters, they decide to lock me up.


I apparently submit, though I think it would have been more likely for my character to choose to go down in a blaze of glory than be captured. Anyway, the camp is attacked and during the assault, the Guardian from the triad that interrogated me comes into my tent and kills me rather than let the rebels get their hands on me.


Most of the descriptions of what happens to each island fit. The only one that's totally off is Gull Isle. It claims that Agatha and her compatriots were later executed for their experiments, which is essentially exactly what I had done during the game. Even stranger, Khyryk is said to come out of his tower and rebuild the island.


Then there's a short bit about Ghaldring that correctly says I killed Akhari Blaze. And that's about it.

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I think in order to actually kill Rahul you need to trigger an event in

Click to reveal..
Chadwick Prison, where Rahul throws you after you try to attack him the first time, assuming you're on the mission from Akhari Blaze.
In general this game and Geneforge 4 don't seem as amenable as 1, 2, and 5 to players going off the main shaper/rebel (G3-5) or Awakened/Taker/Barzite/Obeyer (G1 and 2) 'tracks.'

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