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Ishad Nha

Boats and horses in Nethergate: Resurrection

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Basically, N:R is the original version of Nethergate ported to the BoA game. It is just like a BoE scenario that has been ported to BoA. Original version used the same structures for special nodes and dialog that are found in BoE. Some special nodes were altered to fit the Nethergate world:

# BoE meaning Nethergate meaning?

27: End Scenario, Run Hardcode

151: Has Cave Lore?, Has Nature Lore?

152: Has Woodsman?, Is Party Roman?

153: Has Enough Mage Lore?, Has Enough of Statistic?

Druid spells seem to be handled by nodes that handle Mage spells in the BoE world.

Broadly, N:R uses the BoA engine. It has a few tweaks, like the ability to have a third icon for a piece of terrain, this is used in the Wicker Man and the Spire of Ages. You can also customize the descriptions for items.


Adding these lines to the Celt.dat file will create a boat and a horse in the Temple of Brigantia:






fine print:

Any boat will use the pit terrain graphics, as found to the west of Nethergate in the Goblin Pits entrance. Jeff altered the boat graphics in 741 and 742 bmp.

If you alter the relevant offset in the Celt.dat file you can take the first boat outdoors, but once you leave the boat it disappears.


The horse will work as horses usually do, but it will disappear when it is mounted, N:R has no graphics for PCs mounted on horses.

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This will be interesting to try out, albeit not ridiculously useful, as N:R is not designed with locations only accessible by boat.

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The Temple is about the only place where you can use a boat, without a major alteration to the town map. Even the Burial Glen has an outdoors entrance well away from the river. Neither version of Nethergate was meant for the use of boats.

Horses would be needed for an authentic Celtic Britain game because the locals sure had them, along with chariots. They also had boats too.





Change offset 608,296 from hex 13 = decimal 19 to hex17 = decimal 23. This moves the right town entrance of the Temple from the land out into the river.

Before: 15161318151A1318

After: 15161318151A1718

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I have found two other special node types in the original version of Nethergate:

158 - checks whether a given NPC is in the party.

231 - enables dialog to happen outdoors.


In 231, the dialog is stored in a town's dialog array. Then this node accesses it. It only happens for Pearlblossom, Kaja, Shaynee and Snorble. Dialog array here works much like BoE version, except that there are two extra bytes.

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