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[N:R] Recruitable NPCs

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It always bugged me that the NPCs you could recruit would not only be several levels below you by the time you could get to them, but had poor skill allocations to boot. I always figured that you'd be getting someone halfway competent to join you and instead they're simply lacklustre.


This bugged me, so I decided to revamp 'em. I built characters using an 80cp 'blank' of the NPC's respective origin, then spent about 3,300 gold on training (which is about the upper limit of what you could have spent on any individual PC's training by the time you reach Vanarium). The changes to the NPCs are made at the moment you recruit them, so as long as you haven't gotten them already you should be fine if you've overwritten the original script with my modded version.


I also gave Rhian some basic spells, but it's been ages since I made this mod so I can't remember which ones exactly. I do remember trying to choose useful ones without going overboard, so you shouldn't worry about her being stocked up on nether spells.


I could release this mod as-is—I have played the game from start to finish with both sides with this mod—but I'm worried that the t17Vanariumdlg.txt scripts (Celt and Roman) might have been updated in the years that have passed since I made the mod. (I don't know what I'm worrying about really, it's not like Jeff patches his games often, amirite?)


What the hell. Here it is: Recruitable NPCs.zip

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