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Helft and Nodye pass - secret passage[G5]

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I read something about a secret passage or door, which one is supposed to pass in Nodye Pass, but I can't find it. I've sneaked through the whole area and seem to miss it, if it's there.

I've seen the office and the lab in the walled area, but no secret passage/door, whatsoever.

Nor were there any secret passages in the area in front of the walled area.

The doors in the back wall there can't be passed – I get slaughtered anyway, as there is no place to slip into.

So what am I supposed to be looking for?


How about the anvil in Helft?

I've cleared the whole area, including the drayks lair, but there is no anvil to be found… no second entrance to the forge. The blocked trapdoor in the Western ruin 'says' to look "on the other side", but where is that supposed to be? The ajacent areas do not seem to provide any entrances.

I wouldn't wonder, if an appropriate dialogue would show up, when talking to Dorgum at Mera. But it doesn't, so the quest isn't solved…

So: Is there a passage to the anvil? Can the anvil be found?

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1. There is a secret passage, but you must get Learned Dominic's quest before you can access it. Once you have the quest, a path will open up in the creation holding area.


2. The anvil can be accessed from the eastern end of the Shadow Road.



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Ah, yes…


1. finally found it. Didn't realize that Learned Dominic's instructions were to be taken so literally.


2. good to know…


You saved my day.


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