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Question about the Warmaster helmet

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It has been a long time since I was here. I have started the A5 again, and I got the warmaster helmet

Click to reveal..
from The Khora-Vysss.
I am just wondering, what the +2 level of damage skill does?

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It adds 2 levels of damage (dice levels) to weapon and spell damage.


So a sword doing 11-55 damage does 11 times 5 sided dice damage would now do 13-65 (13 d5).

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Originally Posted By: Earth2025
Increases damage done by 2 levels?

That's a tautology right there.

A damage level is the range of values by which your damage output increases when you invest a point in a relevant skill (eg. magery for mage spell damage).

To calculate your damage level, look at your weapon's base damage value range. Divide the maximum value by the minimum value to get the multiplier value (let's call it x). A damage level is therefore 1 to x points of damage.

For spells, the damage level is listed in the documentation, and is not related to the base damage.

Let's use Randomiser's broadsword as an example. The base damage is 11-55. Divide 55 (max base damage) by 11 (min base damage) to get 5 (the damage multiplier). The damage level is 1 to 5. So increasing your damage by two damage levels would result in your minimum damage increasing by 2, your maximum damage increasing by 10, and your average damage increasing by 6.

Note that melee weapons in A5 never have a multiplier as high as 5! Randomiser is using values from Geneforge, where the damage multipliers are much higher.

Randomiser also mentioned die values, which you may find confusing, as it's a throwback to Dungeons and Dragons system and you don't see any dice rolled on the computer screen. The damage levels employed in A5 could be considered similar to the die rolling system using in D&D, where the range of damage for a damage level constitute the numbers (or sides) on a die, and the increase in the number of damage levels is the number of die rolls.

Having four damage levels with a multiplier of 5 translates to 4d5, which means rolling a die with five sides (ergo. the numbers 1 to 5) four times. Therefore your minimum damage is 4, your maximum damage is 4*5 = 20, and your average is (4+20)/2 = 12.

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