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Ishad Nha

N:R Word of Recall Crystal

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In the original version of Nethergate you could acquire the Word of Recall spell at the start of the game, by appropriate choice of skill levels in the various Druidic Circles. You could start the game with as many as six of the eight spells in a Circle, if you had a skill of six in that Circle. In practice, a skill of six in the Spirit Circle would be impossible at the start of the game. A skill of 5 in the Craft Circle would come at the expense of skill in the War and Beast Circles.


By contrast, in Nethergate: Resurrection you can start the game knowing no more than three spells in a Circle, regardless of how high your skill is. If you want to re-create the original game's provision for Word of Recall from the very start, add this to near the end of the script Corescendata2.txt, after the entry for item 467.


begindefineitem 468;

import = 326;

it_full_name = "Recall Ruby";

it_floor_which_sheet = 1022;

it_floor_which_icon = 1;

it_inventory_icon = 6;

it_ability_1 = 128;

it_ability_str_1 = 15;

it_value = 150;

it_charges = 50;



(Back up the script first, it is found in the Data folder. ) Then use the Character Editor to give yourself item 468, use the Give An Item function found in the Advanced Features command.


Alternately, add this command to the start of Init State of t30Nethergate.txt


(This script is found in the Celt Data folder, this post is written from a Celtic warrior perspective.) Note, you will receive the Recall Ruby every time you enter Nethergate unless you remove the command from Init State.


I think Jeff originally intended item 438 to be a Recall Ruby but this never happened.

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