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Burgling the Bazaar

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I looked around for some statistics regarding a Celt party stealing things from the chests under the Faerie Bazaar, but hard numbers are seemingly even harder to find.


I know the rune alarms before the chests can be bypassed with Luck--how much, I don't know, but I have seven points across the party and that's enough.


But the chests themselves are driving me nuts. Can they be bypassed with Tool Use? If so, how much? Or are they like Reptrako's one treasure box (the one with Sylak's Bowl) and need Dexterity? Again, if so, how much? Or is it the case that Celts simply cannot get the goods without setting off the bells?


Also, along similar lines, are the wired chests in the Bazaar Master's house the same way?

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Tool use will allow you to bypass most of the alarms in the Bazaar Master's home. I forget the amount, but I think it's between 8 and 10. In the original game, dexterity and intelligence increased tool use, but as Celts you didn't get to see their affect.


The rune alarms in the lower level southwest area can be bypassed with a secret passage. Luck just gives you a chance of avoiding bad effects.

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