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Found 5 results

  1. Forewarning, this post contains spoilers for later parts of Geneforge 1. If you haven't played through Geneforge 1 yet and wish to avoid spoilers, now's your change to click away from the page. More context in the spoiler, but to summarize I killed Sniff in Wooded Valley and I need to revive him. I don't care if it's through legitimate means, a cheat, or even modifying my save to reset the entire zone. Loading an old save is doable, but it's my last resort.
  2. Lately I've been replaying the older Geneforge games, and it occurred to me to assess what exactly the canon G1 PC was like. So let's begin. In canon, though we have no direct proof of this, it seems likely that the PC used all the canisters he could. He'd need them to survive the dangers of the island, and he never suffered the control issues that others did as a result of canister usage. Assuming he did those quests which improve your primary stats, and not counting items, he'd have a minimum of: Strength: (2 minimum base) + 4 (canisters and quests) = 6 Dexterity: (2 minimum base) + 4 (canisters and quests) = 6 Intelligence: (2 minimum base) + 3 (canisters and quests) = 5 Endurance: (1 minimum base) + 5 (canisters and quests) = 6 From the hints given by the Awakened in Geneforge 2, it seems likely that the PC was Awakened, which, combined with the canisters, gives combat ability bonuses of +5 melee weapons +2 missile weapons +3 quick action +2 anatomy (tombs) +4 battle magic +3 blessing magic +3 mental magic +5 spellcraft These bonuses alone account for some decent melee and ranged combat ability for any PC. There is a fairly balanced set of magic abilities, though not quite as powerful as melee. The PC clearly had some fighting skill, at least, as the Awakened mention that there was fighting between Trajkov and the PC, so he didn't go with a full stealth route. However, obviously, the PC also didn't go for a full omnicide run of the place. As both Akkat and Rakkhus are alive in Geneforge 2, it is safe to assume that they were not engaged in combat by the player, as would likely happen if the player fought through the quarters area or if Rakkhus sicced his cryodrayks on you (Send your creations against me? You have valuable items? Prepare to die, jerk!). To bypass the quarters area, they player would have to go through the holding cells, and likely the vats as well, which implies that the PC had a decent mechanics ability. To pay his way past Rakkhus, the PC would need at least some leadership, so that's likely as well. The Shaper, based on the good reviews offered by the Awakened in Geneforge 2 and that one really old Taker from Geneforge 4, was pro-Servile rights, and having not joined with the Takers (which would entail killing Ellhrah and helping Trajkov), was most likely part of the Awakened. Given his unpopular opinions, and having been heavily Shaped, the PC would have likely been happily sent far away on the diplomatic missions with the Sholai that the ambiguously canon epilogue mentions, which would explain his lack of involvement in later games. After all, characters as powerful as Geneforge PC's change the entire course of wars, which makes their involvement with later games less than fully likely. Given the PC's power yet lack of ultimate notability, as a result of his extensive canister usage, he is also a likely candidate for the position of the Geneforge 5 PC. However, as there's no reason for Alwan to recognize him, there are some more likely choices. Feel free to leave your thoughts.
  3. So, I read a few things about this. Looked at these threads: G1 - All mines areas stay red http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/16293-g1-all-mine-areas-stay-marked-red/ Can't clear Northern Mines in Geneforge 1 http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/14076-cant-clear-northern-mines-in-geneforge-1/ I guess there was a patch at some point that on some level fixed this as a bug? I have 1.2 of course so that can't be it. I have the Western Mines, Mine Core, and Eastern Mine cleared (green). As soon as I got the Servant Mind in the Mine Core going, all three of those turned green at once - I didn't have to reenter them or go back and forth between the Servant Mind and the other areas. However at this time I hadn't been to North Mines yet. After that no matter what I do I cannot activate the North Mines. I tried turning the defenses on and off, even before I went inside the North Mines for the first time. I spent a long time wandering around the North Mines with the defenses off like that and then got out of there and nothing. I mean I was constantly going in and out of there and wandering around all over the place in there with the defenses off. I made sure I tried going all the way from the east side of the full Mines to the west side all at once after the fact. Didn't work. What I did at first was, when I was trying to go to the east side of the island (more specifically, the southeast part with Kazg and the Rebel Sholai), I didn't want to encounter any Sholai if I had to either fight them or be dishonest with them, because I didn't want to cause any relationship problems by being hostile or dishonest before I got over there and figured out what was going on. So instead of taking Northbridge or Southbridge or the other Sholai-occupied bridges, I went way around to the north and busted my way through the fully defense-active mines. Obviously that's not what the game expects you to do, it's kind of backwards. Guessing I may have glitched it. Anybody know anything?
  4. So I've finally decided to replay GeneForge 1 and go through the effort of touching all the stone pillars. And I found the lore behind the Shapers and Sucia to be incredibly fascinating. How the Shapers went from shooting magic radiation at their enemies to give them cancer to discovering Genes and self-sealing (although not many people know either fact) I love the irony when the Shapers denounce the natives as backwards savage, only to not only be their descendants but some have also repeated the Sucians' mistakes (attempting to transcend death via necromancy). I'm sad that there wasn't more lore. Are there any more explorations of Shapers' history in later games? I hope I was missing something.
  5. My point here is, I liked some stuff like the combat better in Geneforge 1 (for now, as I haven't tried to play the others) than in Geneforge 4 or 5. I mean, hey, my fyora's ranged and my firebolt misses like 60-70% of the time and enemies are tough as stone. My encumbrance is to the total items in my pack, unlike in the later games where I can carry 999999999 tons of rock but as long as I don't equip it, I can still walk. Also, I remember in Geneforge 4 that you had to kill worms before killing shaped creations. Geneforge 1 made you kill fyoras early in the game, plus, I learned a tactic where I can bait my enemies around the corner waiting to be killed by my creations, or be killed as well. My Shaper is ultra fragile, I can't survive two hits from a thahd which makes no sense when I view it in my character's perspective, but it forces you to stay alive. I just imagine the thahd hits me so hard I get flung somewhere with broken ribs and when the splash screen you died text shows up, I imagine the thahd kicks the head of his downed opponent. I just love it when resources are scarce, in Vakkiri, you have to pay 300 coins or have at least 6 leadership to get a canister of War Blessing, and you won't find any living tools lying around for you, ripe for the taking when you just started the game. It was fun to be honest, but the games all have their good and bad points. I just wish Jeff would consider these things when he finally remakes the game. Now, let's see how I fare at torment
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