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Found 4 results

  1. WARNING: Installing this editor involves modifying your game files. Even if you only install it and never actively use it, your game may change in ways you don't expect or want. This editor is not made or supported by Spiderweb Software. Install at your own risk. Well, here it is, a character editor for Avadon 2. It's more streamlined than the Ava1 deluxe version, but I think I covered all the essentials. I did not include custom items this time, because there are tons of artifacts in the game already. Download here: Avadon 2 Character Editor As always, use it at your own risk; Spiderweb Software does not support modding. Always make back-up copies of files before replacing or altering them in any way. To install: Mac: Next, right-click on the Avadon 2 icon and select "Show Package Contents". Open the Contents folder. First, make a back-up copy of the whole Resources folder, and then drag and drop the new file(s) from the editor folder into the original resources folder. Windows: Next, open the Avadon 2 Files folder. First, make a back-up copy of the whole Scripts folder, and then drag and drop the new file(s) from the editor folder into the original scripts folder. (Avadon 2 should be located in the Spiderweb Software folder, which should be in Program Files.) To access the editor, click on the signpost near the southern exit from the Ravaged Woods — that's the zone you started the game in. This has been tested by nobody but me, so if you have any issues with it, post here.
  2. UNLIMITED HEALTH BUG REVEALED ! ! ! Okay I will tell you how to have unlimited health and spell points for the main character (Character #1). 1. Let the primary character get ill or lightning spell or poison damage that is consuming the health slowly. Once this character is damaged like this then you must continue to wait by holding space bar or walking (in town mode) on a locked door or something. 2. The character should scream but you will still have the character active. (Please remember to hold space bar key in non-combat mode/Town-mode or else your character will DIE) 3. The health should looked fully consumed and the spell bar should be full and you should not take any damage from any source! ~~WARNING: ANY HEALING WILL TURN OFF THIS EFFECT, Avoid healing Avoid regeneration AVOID FIRST AID stats (or remain in combat mode and interrupt the healing of first aid) No eating any food No combat allies that heal **ANY BLESSINGS WILL NOT BE ADDED TO YOU CHARACTER AFTER DEATH (bless before death) WARDS AND CLOAK (BEFORE DEATH) ARE OKAY! **Your character will be hit but no damage will be dealt at all. This is very good for tough bosses or annoying baddies. **Your character will be able to use multiple battle spells with no fatigue WHATSOEVER If you need any help with this bug please let me know. Slatibus please don't call me a troll again once you try this bug (Should it succeed). PLEASE VERIFY THIS BUG SOMEONE! ~LATERZ
  3. Just to show one of my Elite Characters. I found out that using dexterity not only reduces the chance of a character from being hit but also increases Bow Damage. This unfair advantage made choose 51 dexterity for my primary character which the NPCs aim at first. Notice the other stats are 1 in figure 1. and her Dexterity is clearly above the maximum. which is 51 but hers is 52. Having 78% armour on Torment mode still is like paper armour when fighting monsters and especially BOSSES. However I kill monsters using strategy and no potions, scrolls, or any of that useless junk. QUESTIONS TO ANSWER + TODO: Let's talk and I may not check this post, because logging in this forum is pretty hard for me. and I did not use any SHIFT + D cheats or anything but "manipulation"......... QUESTIONS 1. Does any one know how I did this??? 2. DID YOU FIND any other bugs??? TODO 1. Show me your characters if you feel up to it...
  4. After searching on these forums and finding the cheat code to set my canister usage in Geneforge 2, I compiled the following additional codes for other flags that seem to affect the ending (mainly to see the ending text if I didn't find Shanti). Bring up the cheat console with Shift-D and enter "sdf x y z" without quotes, where x and y are flag indices and z is the value as respectively described under each description below. I.e., "sdf 100 7 0" to set canister usage to zero. === Warning 1: Make a back-up of your saved game. I didn't test everything and immediately left the valley after cheating, without continuing the game with the cheats. Warning 2: Spoilers below. === === Edit: The above are all the flags that I've found that seem to affect the ending text (unless otherwise noted). For others, it's easy enough to search for get_flag or set_flag or sdf within the script files anyway.
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