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Found 3 results

  1. The Crimson Coyote

    potential Issue with order Form

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, so I apologize if it's not in advanced. I believe I have issued an order for the game Blades of Avernum two days ago, however, I have not received any confirmation emails and I am worried there may have been a problem. I did try to send an email to the one listed under ordering yesterday but I have not received any communication. If the order did not go through due to the glich or human error I just want to know.
  2. Indignus

    Best skill points value

    So I'm here going to play BoA for coding purposes But I might try to start over because iirc my lastplaythrough was last two years ago and I just fed my singleton char with SP from the character editor, playing mainly for the story Anyway, I want to distribute my points to skills that's totally worth it, but I did notice it had no strategy central to like A:EftP's Slartyanalysis or something similar Does anyone have a list I can refer to? I have 2 custom made adventurers, I'm planning to make one tanky and the other one damage, so to narrow it down of course, but I also have a mage and a priest (typical). Where should I best dump my SPs then?
  3. There are currently five possible new variants of Blades of Spiderweb games: Blades of Avadon 2 Blades of Avernum 6 Blades of Avernum - Escape from the Pit Blades of Geneforge 5 Blades of Nethergate: Resurrection For brevity's sake they will be known as: "Blades of Avadon", "Blades of Avernum 6", "Blades of Avernum - Escape", "Blades of Geneforge", "Blades of Nethergate". Avadon and Avernum 1 - EftP are easy to customize as they have a lot of stuff written into text files. First four games typically have single-Byte characters for text, that makes it easy to alter anything in the game program that needs to be customized. Avernum 1 - EftP is the logical choice for a second-generation version of Blades of Avernum, it is the game that most resembles BoA. It has provision for outdoor zones like N:R and unlike the other three games. Avernum 1 - EftP may need grass graphics, for the time being we can color tint existing graphics. Only N:R seems to have a BoA-style scenario script, Celt.dat can function in that role. So far I must access it via the Start State and I can't get it to shut off when I want to. N:R has multiple scenario files but that is easy to handle. Instead of Bas files, Blades of Nethergate has Celt Data.dat, Roman Data.dat Shared Data.dat and Outdoor Data.dat files. For N:R, actual enabling of the use of scenarios would work as I suggested in the post about Blades of Nethergate. See the Nethergate forum. For the other four possibilities the "Blades of Spiderweb" game would work as follows: Stuff that occurs in BoA but not Blades of Spiderweb would need to be cut out. Instead of Bas files, Blades of Spiderweb would have a "ScenData.dat" file, exact name would depend on the game concerned. Alint would need to be updated for the Spiderweb world, that would be involved, require a bit of programming. Game Plan: (1) There is a Blades of Spiderweb Scenarios folder. (2) All scenarios are stored in scenario folders which are sub-folders of the above. (3) There is one scenario per scenario folder. (4) Each scenario folder contains a Scripts folder. If there are any custom graphics, they are found in the scenario folder. (5) To be played, a scenario must be installed, only one can be installed at a time. (6) When a scenario is installed: [A] Existing custom graphics are deleted. If there are any custom graphics in the new scenario, they are copied to the relevant graphics folder. Existing Scripts folder is deleted. A new folder is copied in from the scenario folder of the newly installed scenario. [C] If there are custom floor, terrain, object, creature or item types in the new scenario, instead of a scenario data script you would alter the core data scripts directly. [D] ScenData.dat would need to be replaced. A scenario selection dialog screen would need to be created Ditto multiple Save# folders could be needed. Earlier games would need alterations to the game program to create new Special Items or quests, this will be left till later. Once one Editor can handle the Geneforge-style graphics from any one of the first four games, it will be easier to create an Editor for the other three games. The graphics should be the biggest single problem. It might be possible to convert BoA scenarios to the Blades of Spiderweb game.