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  1. I tried to enter Pyrog's Cave from the north (via the boat in Empire Docks) but I get this message: “You enter the tunnel in this gate only to find a sheer granite wall. You search for the secret passages, but the wall is too large. If there is a way past this wall, you won’t be able to find it without help.” From a review of this forum I understand I need to 1) find the evidence of the crystal souls at Fort Dothar; 2) take it to Olgai for advice how to enter Pyrog's lair. I have already done all that. I went back to Fort Dothar and the cabinets with the evidence are empty so I must have taken them on my first trip there. I went back to Olgai but one of the guys just said talk to Ericka, which I already did. I went back to Ericka and she only spoke about Angierach not Pyrog. Now, I am stuck trying to enter Pyrog when I think I have met all the prerequisites.