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  1. Hey Ivan, thanks for sharing this method. I realized I started Exile 2 a bunch of separate times but never got more than halfway through the game, so I had a hankering to start playing it again today. Unfortunately, while the game ran very smoothly, any sound effects were oddly choppy -- they would seem to get cut off in the first half a second or so. A lot of people would probably say that the sound effects in Exile are not its strong point, but I got really nostalgic for them and I couldn't play the game without them! Speaking of, the outdoor "entering combat" tune in E2 has to b
  2. Huh? The Windows version didn't have an attack pose for the living statue? Anyway, I'm pretty sure the one in OBoE is the same one you're seeing in the Mac graphics. The OBoE graphics are the Mac graphics. Yes, that's exactly how I run the legacy versions too. Mind you, my Mac can't really be called modern anymore… but I assume Basilisk could still work on modern Macs. Worst-case you'd need to compile it from source, I suppose? DOSBox will definitely work. It's possible but probably illegal, because that would mean distributing a copy of Windows 3.1. Even if someo
  3. Would it be possible to put some sort of DOSBox wrapper on them so you can just download them and run it? I hear that's possible, maybe.
  4. I think it would be difficult. Using Linux, I run the Mac versions on Basilisk (68k Mac emulator), and the Windows versions on DOSBox (DOS emulator). I think modern Mac users would also need Basilisk or DOSBox to run them.
  5. There are three ways to play the Exile Trilogy on a Mac; I recommend using an emulator. You can either download a copy of Windows 3.1 and install it on a DOSBox instance, then run the trilogy there; or you can use Basilisk ][ to emulate an older (System 7) Mac and run the trilogy there. I believe the trilogy can also be run with WINE, but that didn't work very well for me when I tried it (I believe I had a problem with dialogs being blank or something). Both emulators require a bit of setup to get working, unfortunately. The WINE method is the easiest. For playing the E
  6. If you are on a recent Apple computer it is harder since the games were written long before OS 10 in OS 9 and Apple no longer has makes a compatibility mode for Power PC cpu. So you need an emulator like DOSBox or to use a converted version of the Windows version which I can't find the topic with the links at the moment. Edit - Link to Tyranicus site with Intel Apple computer versions to older games made for the Power PC. These may not work on the most recent OS 10 operating system: https://avernum.nethergate.net/intel/
  7. While looking for an x64 version of NTVDM in the hopes of running Exile on a Win7 x64 tablet and my Win10 x64 desktop, I came across a utility called OTVDM that enables 16-bit Windows applications to run on a 64-bit machine, and my experience playing Exile with it was utterly flawless, while NTVDM froze constantly. Anyway, here's a link to the page for OTVDM: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/otvdm.html I used the Inno Installer link partway down and other than a false positive from my antivirus, it worked perfectly. Just installed, rebooted, and tested all 4 Exile titles, all of which ran wi
  8. That is generally true of GOG - I don't know about Steam, never used it on my end personally. The one thing to bear in mind is that the specific version for a given OS is something you generally can't work with. If you needed a really old version of a Mac game, say OS9 or earlier (still in the PPC era), you probably won't find those anywhere except from the realms of the abandonware sites, which might be a taboo subject (even amongst us Avernites!). ...Then there are games which could work on other platforms, but they are not configured for it, etc. I wanted to have a "legal-feel-g
  9. better would be 32bit Win XP or Win 98SE or run Exiles in dosbox.
  10. That is sad. Like I was so surprised when I discovered Stormport. I guess I will stick with the original exile 3 then. Thankfully I managed to finally run exile 3 properly without the horrible DOSBOX lag and issues.
  11. I can barely wrap my head around the concept of running it in DOSBOX. I guess if I can just find the solution to the black borders of the ready to play DOSBOX version then I should be fine. I saw youtubers play with screens that also display the map but with the copy I found, they don't fit unless it covers the other parts of the screen.
  12. The last part is easy - Exile I and II with updated graphics can be downloaded right from Spiderweb's site. For running the Exile trilogy in an emulator, I've found it works pretty good in Basilisk II (using the Mac version); for me this works better than DOSBox (using the Windows version). Unfortunately, getting Basilisk II set up is probably even harder than DOSBox+Win3.1…
  13. I was wondering if someone can help me find a download of Exile 3 in particular that works out of the box without jumping through hoops. I really want to play the game and the download that I got for a DOSBOX copy of it is a bit derpy . The keyboard seems to be disabled at times and shortcuts don't work. Will greatly appreciate it if I can also get any help finding the versions of Exile 1 and 2 with the updated graphics. Any help that could make me run Exile 3 will be appreciated.
  14. I fell in love with Spiderweb software games after playing EFTP on my ipad. I have been sitting on other games here and there but never truly got in to it and understood til finishing EftP. I finished both Eftp and Crystal souls and I am ready to move on to the third one. I got a problem though. I kinda started to like Avernum 3 and played until finishing the slime plague. I also fired up Ruined World last night on my ipad and finally got out to the surface. I managed to also get a dosbox wrapped copy of Exile3. It may derp out a bit but it seems playable. Now my questi
  15. The original version from Spiderweb's site probably requires a 32-bit machine, so if it's possible to set Parallels to emulate 32-bit, that might allow it to run. Otherwise I'd just recommend using a DOSBox-based Windows 3.1 install instead of Parallels for the original version (same as the Exile trilogy). The messed up animations might be an actual bug in the open source copy, I can't remember.
  16. That's what I ended up doing. I'm running Windows 3.1 (runs entirely on DOS) inside DOSBox. Even though it's not that big a hassle to run it this way, I'd still pay for it to be updated to run natively on modern machines. I wonder if there's a way to pseudo-do it like GOG does? GOG's X-Com and Gold Box games came with their own DOSBox pre-setup so that it practically runs natively, as in, you click on the .exe and the game starts right up.
  17. TRA, Thank you for that! I was definitely getting my hopes up. If anyone wants to head on over to the Tech Support part of the forum, I finally got all the Exile games working in Windows 10 by using DOSBox (I know, technically, not in Windows 10).
  18. Confirmed: Works in DOSBox through Windows 3.1 Windows 3.1 is a very early dos-based 16-bit Windows. There are very detailed instructions online for how to install in DOSBox. (The only issue I had was on the step to update the video driver, I had to exit Windows and type "setup.exe" in the Windows directory.) I was able to get a copy of Windows 3.1 in a certain "Internet Archive", a cool org, just Google it! Just created a party in Exile 1 and getting ready for a quick long night!
  19. Good news is: Exile 3 and Blades of Exile work in the VirtualBox! Bad news: Exile 1 & 2 do not. So it's something different in the way these two games start up which causes the freeze. Note that the Character Editors for these games comes up with no issue, and although I have no saved game I can navigate the menus without issue, so it is specifically something that happens after the picture and tone at launch. Even after copying files over to Windows 10 and using compatibility mode as you suggested, it unfortunately did not work on any of the titles. "This app
  20. Good to see old names and people active, I think part of the problem is that Blades of Avernum just doesn't play well with modern systems. The intro text screens for scenarios hang if you don't click through them fast enough, the cutscenes hang and recover but sadly skip the entire thing. So long as you use dialog boxes only it runs fine with no issues, I'm going to try wrapping it in dosbox later and see if it runs better.
  21. In Windows there is DosBox 0.74, which runs most of the old games. It is a freeware program too.
  22. Some links I used when I did this sort of thing a couple of years ago (~ May 2016): DOSBox: https://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1, https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Usage Windows 3.11 for DOSBox: http://www.abandonia.com/vbullet/showthread.php?s=cd4f328d0abf769b744e605e91d0deaa&t=27770 The quote in #1 in the previous post is from this thread: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/21917-exile-iii-and-windows-10/ *Eventually* (much emphasized) I ended up with a command line that used DOSBox to launch Windows 3. Then, within Win 3, install the Exile games. I can
  23. Get a windows 😛 Not a computer whiz, but through the power of SEARCH BARS and RESEARCH I have some advice. 1. Seemingly the easiest solution is this, posted by ragefaster, March 15 2016: "It's a complicated mess, if your not computer savvy, to get older games to run on windows 10. I was about to give up on this after reading this post when i found this site: www.old-games.com. It's a site that bundles old games already set up with dosbox running an older version of windows in their "easy set up" download option. They ask for a paypal donation for a fast download, I took the free optio
  24. So, I am a new computer owner and I thought that it would be great to recapture my childhood and play the Exile games. I never got to play any of the registered versions, though. The computer I was given is running Ubuntu 18.04(Bionic Beaver). I tried using Wine, but had no luck. I'm currently banging my head against DOSBox. I would appreciate it greatly if someone could teach me how to use these programs and/or get the games running. Thank you for your time.
  25. Hey all! It's been a really long time since I played any BoE and I definitely never contributed as much to the community, or explored the best scenarios, as I tried to for BoA. Right now I'm spending my summer at the Recurse Center where I'm free to use my time improving my programming working on pretty much anything as long as it's open source. One of the things I've been researching more is game porting and preservation. I've been playing a lot of Openxcom which I'm really glad exists because the fixed resolution and other quirks of running the original game in DosBox would have stopped me
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