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  1. Bump. Still waiting for some information on this, good or bad.
  2. Hi, I first learnt about Avadon over a year ago and from the start I was intrigued, what looked like an old style rpg I could really get into. I was really excited to play this and have it as a travel game I could play while heading to work via train. In December last year I purchased my first tablet, a Google Nexus 10. I thought that this was the time, I could now grab Avadon and play it on my ride to work. I thought I would get the demo just to check it out and then purchase soon after. However once I tryed out the demo I found that the UI was extremely small and almost impossible to use. Avadon was relatively new to android so I sent off an email about my issue and quickly recieved a response, stating that they were aware of the issue and a fix was soon to come. I have waited patiently for this fix, it was mentioned in the email that the fix would be released in February and I would be contacted when it was released. February came and went and I had no response. So I sent off another email and I have yet to receive a response. I then hear of Avernum being released for Android, so I quickly check the forums and find that it also suffers from the same issue. Poor ui for Hi-res tablets. I want to know several things, has the UI issue been fixed for Hi-res tablets such as my Nexus 10 for Avadon just without any indication? Does Avernum escape from the pit have a suitably sized UI for the hi-res tablet? Is there still the possibility of a fix for either of these? Thankyou, Spawneh (James)
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