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  1. It makes these games such different from everything else, where it is always "harder to get - more worth it" Yet we still strive to get to such places because other games taught us to do so.
  2. Hmm i have to check that My priest spell level is 13 i will try again after i get it to higher value 16 Priest Spell skill value seems to be the key :-) On 15 You can not pass and at 16 it let You go. Sadly there is really nothing in secret chamber behind it.
  3. Oh, thanx. Never thought 26 may be too low It seems i have to go work on my reputation a bit. Thought it may be some spell as i am still lacking high lvl mage spells and MID lvl cleric ones O.o (weird when you have ultimate ceric spells and no mid ones), and wandered when may ilearn them
  4. In slith Castle there is one room with altar. When You come to it it says something about wave of heat you get dmg and can not move farther. Far sight spell shows that there is secret passage on the right side of the altar still i can not get there. I cleared all rooms, got rid of Shh-thsss and still can't get past altar in "slith church". Is there any switch to do it? Or maybe special skill or something (i remember "cleanse" skill but it was in A2 i believe).
  5. I recently started playing AV1 again and i have a problem. Have no idea how to use Potion making.I have a lot of herbs on my potion maker, i even gave her Mortat and pestle and still can not find out how to make potion. Can someone help me? I tried clicking on herb, clicking mortar with herb, right click both, left click them right-left click them and still can not do anything. Also there is none "Prepare" option in known potions menu.
  6. Skladzien

    Where increase spell levels

    Thanx. I'll take the Za-Khazi Thanx for replies.
  7. Skladzien

    Where increase spell levels

    I have a problem with my party. All characters are lvl 24 (2 warriors 1 priest and 1 mage) so far i finished 2 scenarios: A valley of dying things and A small rebellion. So my team is well equipped but my nagic sucks. I may have blessed plates, steel swords etc. bur most of my spells is lvl 1, and i have not a single spell for spellcasting above 12, while both priest and mage are having their spell abilities on 17. What scenario i should pick to improve my spellcasters because so far they can do nothing more than speed up and bless party and then just stand healing from time to time.
  8. Skladzien

    Weapon damage in BoA

    I have some problems with damage in BoA. After a1 and a2 where you just pick the one with higher dmg i am stuck with strange weapon damage scaling. How is dmg counted with +x-y/lvl? Weapon description says that it means adding x-y per level of melee and strength. That means: a) (str+ mel)*(dmg) or higher of str, mel *(dmg) ? After all is iron great sword 2-14+(1-7)/lvl or blessed long sword 5-30+(1-6)/lvl better? When my str and mel are low second is better but what when str is 10 and mel is 11?
  9. Skladzien

    Avernum 2 finished.

    That's what is so awesome in this series: everyone will find something for him :-)
  10. So after finishing first two parts of avernum i can say that i have changed my mind. I always thought that Avernum 2 is my favourite chapter, but it is not. Avernum 1 was much more funny, and had better story. Also in a2 there is much more quests that are connected with main plot, and i enjoy side quests much more. Battles in a1 have better balance than in a2 where some battles happen too fast (example: demon fights around mage tower portal, where in 1st round whole my team was slain), when i get a quest i should ve able to complete it, while in a2 there is huge time gap between getting some quests and moment when you're strong enough to complete them. And probably much more lesser details that make me enjoy A1 more than A2. Now I'll take a little brake before avernum 3 (which has this "time frames" of destroying towns - this is something i really hate).
  11. Aww. Is there any way to unlearn the spell, or char editor help will be needed? P.S> Would rather not use it, but if there is no otger way to lower spell level, i will have to :-(
  12. Thanx :-) On picture above we see Imoen from Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn :-) Hate that girl - too bad that she is tge only thief after Yoshimos treachery... my Kensai/mage always needed a thief :-)
  13. Is there some way to make my own portraits for my team?
  14. In avernum 2 bind foe does not work on: Slimes, demons, drakes, imps, araneas, giants, mages, clerics, captains et caetera. In avernum 1 it does in a2 i can't bind almost anything except goblins, nephilims and standard sliths. All other enemies seem to be immune to lv1, lv2 and except few to lv3 "Bind foe" spell.