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  1. so my computer is a little messed up and i can't change screen resolutions without it shutting down its screen. i set avernum to play in the smaller window and it works fine, but its directly in the center of the screen, and i'd like to move it slightly off to the side. I've looked through(but didn't touch) the .ini and .dat files and didn't find anything that looked like a setting for moving the window. could someone please help me to relocate the window for the game? https://imgur.com/2Z8wMQP
  2. But i can't figure out part of it. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/575518-exile-ii-crystal-souls/faqs/25011 specifically: I can't find the values. I've looked both in HxD, and in notepad at a copy of the game file. I can find a list of all the monsters but i can't find their values. I tried searching for it several ways. First i tried looking for the monsters i already had, the Ur Basilisk and Order Mage, couldn't find their values, so i looked for the value of doomguard that was on the list and while the number appears many times in the hex, I can't find any indication of which one is in the list of monsters and their hexs. I spent 3 hours reloading a trying to capture the efreet. The guide doesn't help me as much as i'd like it to. Can anyone else puzzle this out?
  3. Nyanchan

    special events questions

    there's a guy with 4 shuffling scrolls that keeps dumbfounding me. how do i pick the right scroll? how do i heal the ice drake?
  4. Nyanchan

    Dark Cavern

    thank you. I swear i searched all over for the path but i guess i missed this one. I kept looking for a way in, i even tried to use the orb of thralni.
  5. Nyanchan

    Dark Cavern

    for the love of god and all that is holy HOW THE HELL do you get into dark cavern.
  6. Can you help him or anything. What are some words besides the basic 'job/name/look' to converse with him?
  7. okay i got it to do something. now it flashes the windows 98 startpage and then does this. i still can't get it to actually start mind you. what do i do to make it work?
  8. I'm not particularly hellbent on it so much as having a virtual 98 to play my games on. i've been using the latest virtualpc from microsoft(2007 won't work on my OS), but it isn't going muhc better. i can get the drive partitioned and start the install, but one it checks the bus, it goes to the prompt thingy "A:\>" and i can't make it work from there. nothing forwards the install, all i can do is reformat the virtual c: again. this is the screen i land on: i've been advised to run both "Smartdrv" and to install the integrated components, but neither of those two does anything. The components button pulls up this message "win98 - Windows Virtual PC Install or update Windows Virtual PC Integration Components Click Continue to automatically set up Virtual PC Integration Components. If Setup does not run automatically, open the CD-ROM drive inside the virtual machine and run Setup. [Continue] [Cancel]" and smartdrv does nothing. it doesn't put out the "bad command" line, it just doesn't do anything.
  9. I am using dosbox, on windows 7. but i think it might be the read-only thing causing trouble for it. im not sure though. I was told dosbox was Win7 compatible, was i misinformed?
  10. Okay i give up i've been at this since noon. Can you help me? i'm trying to set up dosbox to play some older pc games. The problem i have is setting up the partition. I keep getting the error "no space to create a DOS partition". The thing is i have no partitions. so far i have everything for this partition and these games in a file folder, but the folder is read only. I can uncheck the read only box, but after i close the properties window, it becomes checked again. there's no error message or anything like that, it just won't change. I have full permissions, and am an administrator. I've googled but i haven't found anything that worked. i opened command prompt and used the attrib command but it also failed. I made sure user account control was off also. can someone help me with this? if it's relevant, the folder i have all the games and .img files is called "games", and is on the desktop. I'm following this guide, trying to set up windows 98se. I also was using .