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    Finally done

    Well done Chessrook44! I hope I'll see you play some more crpgs in the future.
  2. Spukrian

    A5 - Morbo

    It's a bit too late, but for the record, if you successfully charm Morbo's summons, they will attack him and as you know, anyone who attacks him with a melee attack will get charmed... however, a bug causes this to EXTEND your own charm, i.e. his charmed melee summons will remain allied to you untill Morbo kills them (unless they fail their attacks against it repeatedly, but that's highly unlikely to happen in this timeframe).
  3. Spukrian

    Five-Dimensional Political Compass

    You are a: Right-Leaning Isolationist Cosmopolitan Liberal Collectivism score: -17% Authoritarianism score: 0% Internationalism score: -67% Tribalism score: -17% Liberalism score: 33% Hmm... being both Isolationist and Cosmopolitan at the same time is weird (a bit contradictory), though I understand why the test would give me those labels.
  4. Spukrian

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    You raise some good points, maybe I was mistaken.
  5. Spukrian

    Name Cameos in Jeff's Games

    We all know about Redbeard being inspired by Bluebeard in that opera, but it should also be acknowledged that Ragnar Redbeard, author of "Might is Right", is a partial inspiration aswell.
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  7. Spukrian

    Let's Play Avadon 3!

    Just wanted to say that I've started watching your Let's Play. I got Avadon 3 as a Christmas gift for myself. I feel I've gotten far enough in the game now, so that I can watch without getting spoiled...
  8. Spukrian

    Let's Play Avadon 2!

    Thanks for an entertaining Let's Play! As I don't want to be spoiled, I won't look at your Avadon 3 Let's Play untill I've finished it myself.
  9. Spukrian

    Humans vs. Serviles

    I see serviles as being equal to humans, biologically speaking. The few differences aren't significant, as serviles are able overcome their shortcomings. Their inferiority is due to Shaper oppression. Last time I played GF5 I was a servile only using disposable creations, so the only way to check my facts is if I replay the game, which I don't feel like doing right now.
  10. Spukrian

    Humans vs. Serviles

    Don't worry, I trust you. It's been a while since I last played GF5. I don't have it installed on this computer though, so I can't check my old saves right now.
  11. Spukrian

    Humans vs. Serviles

    Strange... I have to doublecheck this.
  12. Spukrian

    Humans vs. Serviles

    IIRC in GF5 (and I think in GF4 aswell, don't know about GF1-3) creation stats are capped at 30.
  13. Spukrian

    Humans vs. Serviles

    Yes, it's true that Shaping is the strongest and Melee is the weakest. With that said, in GF4&5 you are able to make characters who are "Swiss Army Knives", no weak spots to speak of.
  14. Spukrian

    Humans vs. Serviles

    In GF4&5, whatever you're weak/moderate/strong at doesn't matter as much since you'll make up for your weak spots with equipment.
  15. Spukrian

    Humans vs. Serviles

    Gameplay-wise, the servile class is more powerful than all the other classes. That said, your question is like asking "who do you think is more powerful, the free person or the enslaved person?" That said, playing a servile in GF4&5 is only marginally different from playing a human class.