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  1. Start late or leave early?

    I'd wager that it's the sitting position and monotonic never-ending road that dulls the brain faster than situations where you'd have to constantly interact with other people, which would logically stimulate the brain more effectively. I'm not saying that it's right to keep people awake for 24-28 hours in a medical profession, but it's more likely to get into an accident if you're sitting and "doing nothing" behind a wheel.
  2. Start late or leave early?

    While it's true that someone has to work overnight, doesn't that cause a working hazard because the person pulling the 24+ hour shift probably can't focus correctly at the end of the shift (coincidentally in a profession that -- I would think -- requires more concentration than many other professions combined)? I raise my hat, by the way, to you two. Until this minute, I thought I've had it bad with (mere) 16 hour shifts...
  3. Start late or leave early?

    1:00 in the night? Oooh, that's just torture, that. Worst I've ever had to endure is to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to get myself to get to work at 5:00. Even that was pushing it, since I could never get myself to bed early enough. I'd have always decided to be in bed at 20:00 in the latest, and still find myself doing something utterly unimportant at 20:30.
  4. One thing I learned pretty fast on Hard and Torment, but that also applies to Normal too, is that there's no shame in leaving an area that You feel like is constantly getting You killed. Chipping away at random encounters, picking off mobs from other dungeons and gaining levels, buying new spells, they're all things to consider when it feels like You've hit a brick wall. Take all this with a pinch of salt, though, since I do not claim to be a master in these games. Someone else might have more insightful help for You; this is just how I've come to perform whenever I hit a wall and can't break through. EDIT: PS. Sometimes even one or two extra levels may mean the difference between life and death. Less so in Normal, iirc, but it's there. An extra point of Endurance might leave Your characters alive after a devastating blow like an Acid Rain. You might also want to consider giving Your priest some Dexterity, since it allows them to act sooner in combat, and (provided that You've extra points in Endurance for Your warrior and archer, and Your characters are -- instead of dead -- at very low HP) heal Your warriors back to shape. Resistance, imho, doesn't do all that much since it takes first either Mage or Priests Spells to level up, and on a melee warrior or an archer that's just not an option to waste so many skill points on what could improve their combat effectiveness; on Your mage and priest on the other hand, ... Well, if it feels like You have an extra point to spare and You're happy with Your damage output and healing rate, then sure.
  5. Chatroom?

    Thanks, joined anyway.
  6. Chatroom?

    Well, as someone with a moderate(/severe) social anxiety, I find text-chats to be rather easy to get into, very much more so than voice-comm chats. You don't need to say anything if you don't want to, and it's easy to just press the red X if you start to feel uncomfortable. Besides, from what I've stalked the forums, Spiderweb seems to have a really friendly community so I'd wager the same kind of atmosphere would continue in the chat-room, too. What's there to lose, except one's own sanity. But then again, ain't that something we have all left on the door on our way in anyway, as is customary for Spiderweb's forums. EDIT: Is the Discord chat still a thing? Seems like the invite code has expired.
  7. Start late or leave early?

    I definitely like it to be ending early. If I have a schedule, like work in the morning, I can't get anything done anyway because all I'm doing is just browsing YouTube and watching the clock fly. Ending early, I get home earlier and get all manner of stuff done.
  8. Hahah, that's fair, too. I mean, you're surrounded by the Empire and alien beasts and Aescal knows what. But giving pocket money like that afterwards? I just personally think it's like teasing. Either don't give anything but a warm palm or give half the Empire's coffers for saving their collective hides.
  9. Maybe the worst thing was, they gave you 3,000 gold at the ending cutscene. But there was no way to use it since the game ended after that. And as if 3,000 was big amount anyway. How much did the house in Lorelei cost? 10,000? It'd have been pocket change at that point. So, yeah. I hope that Jeff comes up with something more epic as an RP-reward for the heroes than some cheesy gold.
  10. Avenum 3: Ruined World Mac beta testers

    The one time when I have a Mac laptop but it's got Linux installed into it. :C
  11. A new member has joined your party

    Mind blown. Or rather, my throat, as I looked up that velar frictative and tried to recreate the sound.
  12. A new member has joined your party

    To my 27 years of life, I've never heard anyone spell the abbreviation GIF with a soft g. It's always been a hard one for me and always will be. (Then again, I'm a total hermit and I've come to know only so many people. But still.)
  13. A new member has joined your party

    Yikes. I didn't leave my sanity at the door since I didn't have any. Oh my goodness... Then that means... *runs*
  14. An interesting point of view. Alas, I don't think a large-scale war against the Empire could be feasible since the Empire outnumbers Avernum with a ratio of 288,888... : 1. (Ridiculous number, I know. Empire: 135,000,000. Avernum: 450,000.) Hence, the Empire would slaughter the opposition with pure numbers, without even taking into account the home-quarter advantage and ability to reinforce the front lines much faster. The situation, as you describe, might be different if Avernum's government decided to ally with Rentar-Ihrno and made surgical strikes into vital ports, supply-lines and forts while the magical plagues did the dirty work, basically swarming the Imperial Army. This would have to happen in a rapid succession, though, before the Empire could bolster their hold of Blackcrag Fortress and the western ports, where reinforcements could be streamed in to Valorim from other continents.
  15. 10,000

    Consider meaningless approbation delivered. Congratulations!