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  1. The Downfall - Chapter 31: Solace
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  8. Avernum 6 - Journal Entries Deleted

    As Earth Empires suggested, if you still have an earlier save with those journal entries, you can try the following. I tried it just minutes ago myself and it worked perfectly. 1. Check in-game which of your saved games has the journal entries intact. 2. Exit game, open My Computer. 3. Go to My Computer > C:Drive > Users > [Your Username] > My Documents > Spiderwebsoftware > Avernum 6 Saved Games. 4. For example, if your Save Game Slot 1 has the journal entries intact, but Save Game Slot 2 doesn't, then go to folder 'Save0'. (Save Slot 1 = Save0; Save Slot 2 = Save1; Save Slot 3 = Save2... etc.) 5. Copy the file 'journal' from the folder to the save slot folder which serves as your main save slot, as in the one that lacks the journal entries. 6. You should now have the journal entries in-game the next time you fire up the game.
  9. The Downfall - Chapter 24: Chance meetings.
  10. The Downfall - Chapter 23: A different kind of Terror.
  11. Anyone here Deus Ex fans?

    Ah, darn. Still, thanks for enlightening me. Admittedly, the storytelling in DE:HR about the theme of augmentation's morality and ethnicity was almost like an afterthought, wouldn't you say? It was like the plot required the theme to be there; as opposed to the theme allowing for the plot to exist and evolve naturally. ... Oh, and I hope you don't mind me saying but it's nice to see another Souls fan around here. ^^ *Proceeds immediately to praise the Sun upon noticing Dark Sun Gwyndolin's Crown.*
  12. Anyone here Deus Ex fans?

    I played the first Deus Ex through a couple of times, but started playing it about half a dozen times. "Ahh, the Paris night life... Have a taste of wine for me, J.C.!" Oh, and roaming a creepy manor, looting throwing knives from the secret cabinets strewn throughout the place -- only in Deus Ex. When the second one was released, I got my hands on it, started it, and quite literally quit after five minutes. No... It was just ... no. I've read an article that IW fell victim to the dev team listening too much to what the players thought was wrong with the first DE, but ignored the feedback on what was actually good. I also read that they had their moments of brilliance, but sadly I wouldn't know about it, myself. I could play the first one today and the sheer amount of nostalgia could easily carry me through but I feel like even so much as trying out IW would be just a bad idea. That's just me, though; not judging one way or another if someone liked it. My cousin liked it, for example, and I respect that. Just not my cup of tea. As for Human Revolution? Damn, I love it almost as much I do the original. During both, DE1 and DE3, I'd often just stand around, or walk slowly, gazing at the scenes and taking all of the atmosphere in. In real life, especially during autumn, I like to load up the Deus Ex music from my player and go for a long walk after dark, feeling like an agent going about his business. Funny how the street lights in the night give exactly the same kind of atmosphere as is present in HR. Orange, black, gold, flashing ads, plastic and metal. ... Last but not least, have you people tried out the Mankind Divided? I'm torn between decisions. I've heard good things about it but also bad things. Without any spoilers, is the story good? Because I feel like that's the most important question when handling a Deus Ex game. If the gameplay is even half as good as it was in Human Revolution, it'd be a definite buy for me. EDIT: I'm inclined to agree with you, Juan Carlo; might be a GOTY purchase for me too.
  13. Timeline of Avernum: A History

    As for who might have been building the human pre-Empire things, I could imagine that there might have been either other humanoid races who have simply disappeared while waging wars and dying of extinction, or (much more likely) that there might have been other human tribes who had wandered off from Aizo before the Empire was properly formed. Say, like a huge frigate that the Empire sent to explore the other continents; but then the ship crashed to the shores of Bigail and the survivors formed a cult to keep themselves sane, and created the circular crypt that you mentioned. Perhaps they, too, disappeared within the twilight between the past and the present, presumably exterminated by monsters.