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  1. Yiss! Can't wait to buy that creepy house from Lorelei again with a grumpy housekeeper and a pet ghost in the garden! Every adventurer's dream come true!
  2. Homeland progress report

    Ohhh, you know what. What I was memorizing earlier was probably in the remakes' code. Nevermind. (Or then I'm just seriously descending into madness. Which wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Or, maybe I'm just seriously absent minded. Both of those could be true. At the same time. PS. Yep. Nevermind none of that. Except the part where I'm going crazy. I searched through some of the remakes' codes and saw only things like set_level ( ) and other such. Looks like I've taken the advice, Welcome to Spiderwebsoftware, please leave your sanity to the door quite well to the heart. ) And yeah, in hindsight it might be a nightmare to try and balance the game for four times over. Especially since You have a hundred towns in place. Still, I'm very much looking forward to seeing the scenario in daylight. Here, have this fungal cookie to go with your efforts.
  3. That's nice, thanks for all the replies. Goes to show that you just keep on learning something new everyday. Good thing I still haven't got very far in A2:CS Torment run so now I can apply those things in this playthrough instead. ... Figures that I'll probably do yet another Torment run of A:EftP too, just to test out how things work out once again. (But that'll have to wait until after Avernum 3: Ruined World.)
  4. Assuming we're going in A:EftP, ... Err, Hardiness on mage? Does that work on Torment? Aside from those 2 points by training, since all of my points went into the Magic stuff on my Torment run (which I actually finished about a day ago, yay). I'd assume that you'd skip out on Magical Efficiency entirely and then put 5 & 5 to Melee or Pole and Hardiness, which would give 7 Hardiness with training. 10 & 10 on Spellcraft and Resistance were pretty much a must. Then again, keeping the damage flowing without Magical Efficiency, you'd need insane amounts of energy elixirs in boss-battles, considering that I was struggling even with Magical Efficiency. Grah-Hoth still haunts my nightmares...
  5. Homeland progress report

    I tried to glance through the earlier posts, and I didn't see any specific answers (or then I'm just plain blind as usual), so here goes. Are you (Kelandon) thinking of doing anything for different difficulty levels? Like monsters using little to not at all special abilities on Easy difficulty and using Soulcrushing Instantly Killing Doomcurses on Torment difficulty. Or would that be a bit of an, if you'll allow, overkill for a scenario that has this much content, effort and thought put into it already? I do seem to remember meddling with the BoA code some several centuries ago and I think I remember running across some codes along the lines of Oh, and I did a quick search of the BoA script reference. The only calls that handled difficulty in some way appeared to be either traps or locks. It might be that I'm just remembering things.
  6. Avernum or Exile?

    As someone who never really played the Exiles, for me it's a choice between the original Avernums and the remakes. I'm going to have to say that I prefer the remakes over the original ones, but there are aspects that I miss from the original Avernums, like how some spells worked (Haste, Slow, Bind Foe). Also, the archery was just way better. Call me a masochist but I loved gathering, micro-managing and buying the arrows for bows that were capable of actually harming enemies.
  7. I was exploring the Slith Cavern (north of the small island with the wandering pack of slithzerikai shamans) and Portage. I made my way to the laboratory in the northeastern corner of the cavern. There was an experiment that had gotten loose -- a Runewarded Infernal -- subdued by the slithzerikai chieftain, Darkcaller Nuassa and a handful of cronies. I managed to kill the Darkcaller, the chieftain, the warriors, and I managed to pick up the loot (including the Radiant Gauntlets), but with one character remaining alive I had to undertake a strategic retreat to the nearby Fort Dranlon. I came back with my party buffed and ready, only to find that the Runewarded Infernal was nowhere to be seen. Apparently he had escaped back into the Nether. My question is thus: does anyone know if the Runewarded Infernal drops any loot at all? I really wouldn't want to backpedal an hour's worth of gameplay to a previous save. I usually save like a madman but this time it somehow slipped from my mind. PS. I did try to search the forums in case this question had been answered or not. Moderators retain the rights to move this post to a relevant topic, or lock this thread, in case it's already answered elsewhere.
  8. Heh, didn't think about that at the time. I wonder if they'll ever manage to refine more strains, like red-glowing mushrooms, too.
  9. As an underling of three consequent cats, yep, I've seen it.
  10. Luminous contact-lenses. Can you imagine the amount of horror and fun those things could spread?
  11. We'd need to introduce a large species of lizards to the caverns, too. Comodo dragons should do the trick. Hence we'd have giant lizards and dragons in one cast of stone! Being serious though, if you do happen to succeed getting your hands on those plants and in rooting them to a ceiling, I demand pictures. (That is, if it's legal and you don't yourself into trouble.)
  12. Plot twist: in a few days, on multinational news channels, we can expect to see an exclusive interview with some Erika Redmark, a previously unknown and unsung researcher at MIT...